Soon to be released flagship smartphone Nokia A1 Plus

A popular resource Winfuture has shared with the public exclusive leak about the new flagship of Nokia.

Вскоре будет выпущен флагманский смартфон Nokia A1 Plus

Allegedly, the development of the company’s HMD has a Global flagship smartphone, which is currently known under the name Nokia A1 Plus. The device will be able to offer all the basic features of top-end smartphones in 2018.

Nokia A1 Plus is mentioned under different names: A1P, AOP, and even A1 Plus Euro. His production deals with FIH Mobile (Foxconn). The heart of the smartphone will be Snapdragon 845.

There is information that Nokia A1 Plus will receive the built-in display, fingerprint scanner, as well as the specified functionality is available only in the OLED displays, there is every reason to believe that the smartphone will be equipped with just them. Delivery, supposedly, ensure the LG Display. There must be a double main camera.

Nokia A1 Plus is in development since February, and the launch is scheduled for mid of this year. Global HMD directs the device to the European market.

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