Sore foot in the morning — a reason to be suspicious and to think about their own health

Болит стопа по утрам — повод насторожиться и задуматься о собственном здоровье

If for unknown reasons in the morning, you felt an unpleasant pain in the foot is a bad signal. Notice it the next morning. And if the symptom is specific to you, carefully read the question.

Why there is pain in the foot

This unusual symptom may be due to difficult to treat the disease. For this reason, the visiting physician is a reasonable and appropriate measure. If for some reason treatment is not started promptly, the condition can deteriorate significantly.+

Among the causes of disease are:

  • A sedentary lifestyle;

  • The presence of flat feet;

  • Weakened leg muscles;

  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes;

  • Excessive and heavy load on limbs.+

How to solve the problem prior to full treatment

At home, you can resort to the following techniques:

  • Find a tennis ball. After the device in a comfortable chair, place the ball under the foot and roll his feet. Then you can step on it without transferring the whole weight on your feet, and also to roll longitudinally. Such a good foot massage should be repeated 2 times a day for each leg.+

  • You can also do another exercise. You will need to face the wall to a distance of 1 m. Palms are placed on wall, elbows gradually bending, but the foot while off the floor is impossible. The situation persists for a few seconds, the number of repetitions – 10.+

  • Another exercise is that you need to take a seated position on the floor and straighten the legs and back. Further dense band or towel are placed in the middle of the foot. You will need to pull the tape in half-bent position and hold it for 15-25 seconds. The number of repetitions for each foot – 5.+

Listed in article simple methods will allow the effective therapy of pain in his legs before medical intervention. Remember that this is only a temporary measure. At the first opportunity, it is best to consult a doctor!

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