Soros will use Ukraine to destroy and trump and Biden – Dzhangirov

Сорос будет использовать Украину, чтобы уничтожить и Трампа, и Байдена - Джангиров

© RIA Novosti, Sergey GuneevAs influential financier George Soros supports the election of U.S. President Elizabeth Warren, his people have motivation to objectively investigate all of the “Ukrainian case” in respect of Donald trump, and against Joe Biden. This was told by political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov in an interview with YouTube channel PolitWera.
Biden, the expert explained, is the closest rival to Warren for the post of the candidate from the democratic party and the incumbent head of state in any case will be her opponent in the election itself.

“That is, he will drown both of all that is, to spread. Because Warren, and this whole group of new Congress-woman is exactly nothing to Ukraine has not,” said Dzhangirov.

The so-called “Ukrainian Affairs” once again showed, he added, what is the true level of corruption in the country, because even in the scandal around the company “Burisma” participated not only Democrats, but also Republicans.

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