South africa: 89 police officers arrested for violating the regulation on the coronavirus

Afrique du Sud: 89 policiers arrêtés pour avoir violé la réglementation sur le coronavirus

Dozens of south african public servants, including 89 police officers, were arrested for contravening the regulations introduced to combat the coronavirus, a lot of them for having sold alcoholic beverages confiscated, said on Wednesday the minister of Police.

“A total of 131 people, including officials, consultants, health officials and correctional services, have been arrested,” said to the press the minister of Police, Bheki Cele, Durban (is).

“Among them, 89 are members of the police services south africans,” he said. Many of them have been arrested for selling the alcohol they had confiscated from individuals, in he stated.

More than 20,000 policemen have been deployed with the army to enforce the confinement during which the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Last week, the president Cyril Ramaphosa has rejected the calls of many more in favour of the lifting of the ban of sale of alcohol.

Several liquor outlets closed were looted since the imposition of the confinement at the end of march.

The minister of Police has assigned a significant decline in the number of violent crimes to the prohibition of the sale of alcohol.

In total, more than 118,000 people were charged for violating the rules in effect during the confinement, ‘ said Mr Cele.

The minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, has paid Tuesday a fine equivalent to 49 euros for having participated in early April at a party at a friend’s. She had already been suspended from his functions for two months, including a no-treatment, by the president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Last week, an executive from a mining company of platinum has been released in exchange of a deposit of 60 000 rands (2900 euros) for having ordered the miners to return to work despite the prohibition of use then in effect.

“No one will escape the law, no matter who you are,” said Mr Cele. “Whether you’re a consultant, you’re a minister of State, you may be (…) a police officer, who you are, if you break these laws, you will be arrested and the law will take its course “.

To date, South Africa has registered nearly 3,500 cases of the coronavirus, including 58 deaths.

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