South africa : police shoot rubber bullets to enforce the containment

Afrique du Sud : la police tire des balles en caoutchouc pour faire respecter le confinement

The south african police fired Saturday rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of people who crowded in front of a business in Johannesburg in violation of the confinement imposed because of an outbreak of coronavirus.

The clients (200 to 300 from scratch including women and children) were waiting since the morning in front of a food supermarket in the neighborhood disinherited of Yeoville, in the centre of the largest city in the country, without respecting the safety distance, noted a photographer of AFP.

Arrived aboard several vehicles, police responded by opening fire with rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, before reshuffling the queue by enforcing the distances to lashes.

The president of south africa Cyril Ramaphosa has ordered the total containment of his country for a period of three weeks, in the hope of slowing the progression worrying Covid-19.

Since Friday, the population is not allowed to leave home only to buy food.

But the order of containment is difficult to enforce in the poorest areas of the country, where populations continue to squeeze mass into the shops to do their shopping.

With 1170 cases of contamination and death officially recorded, according to the last balance-sheet, South Africa is the country of the continent the most affected by the pandemic.


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