South Africa v British & Irish Lions: Test 2 – Live!  |  sports

South Africa v British & Irish Lions: Test 2 – Live! | sports

South Africa v British & Irish Lions: Test 2 – Live!  |  sports

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54 minutes: It has been a good second half for the hosts, who have gone ahead and hope to have the Lions on defense in the clash. I wonder if Gatland is preparing to make changes.

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53 minutes: Hogg claims Pollard’s high kick before Wyn Jones is crushed by Wiese, left like a felled oak in the grass. The No. 8 Boks is involved again, grabbing the ball from Henshaw, who hits.

13:31 EDT13:31

Penalty missed! South Africa 11-9 Lions

Dan Biggar chooses to go for the pole. It’s 3 of 3 from the left side, but from the right side hit the far pole! He’s still in play, but Mostert’s brilliant handling helps South Africa clear the danger.

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50 minutes: Hogg advances to South Africa 22, but when South Africa regroups, Kwagga Smith starts the ball and runs away. However, the referee had already blown his whistle and the Lions win another penalty …

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48 minutes: So after a first half of becoming an absolute nuisance, Mapimpi is back to his usual wing game in a great way. However, the Lions get ahead of the next scrum and gain downfield territory …

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Conversion lost! After that perfect kick to set Mapimpi up, Pollard drags the extra point and South Africa is just two points ahead. Since the restart, the Springboks spill the ball. About 60 useful seconds for Lions …

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TRY! South Africa 11-9 Lions (Mapimpi 45)

He kicks for the corner and the Lions seem to have few hands. Makazole Mapimpi picks up, passes through Hogg, and lands. The first attempt of the game is for the world champions …

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44 minutes: Hogg flaps unconvincingly with a high kick, but the Lions hold their ground. There is also no room on the right flank, so it has been worked up to Pollard …

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42 minutes: South Africa win a penalty from a scrum; Pollard kicks into touch and they have a lineout. This is their bread and butter: they win the lineout and advance, forcing their way to the Lions 22 …

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“Everyone seems to think that he should have been expelled, apart from Erasmus, of course,” says Diana Powell. One of the strangest things was the claim by officials that Murray landed on his back. It did not.

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Here we go again

The second half is underway, the Lions are 40 minutes away from winning the series.

1.17 pm EDT13:17

By walking away from the battlefield and regrouping in the locker room, the Lions should feel reasonably confident. They were the stronger side in the second half in the first test, and warming up against a de facto Springbok side.

Tourists have also seemed marginally more likely to make something happen in the brief periods that either side has been able to play; the question is how much that first half hour has taken away from them.

1.05 pm EDT13:05

Half time: South Africa 6-9 Lions

That’s halftime, and the Lions have a 9-6 lead, but that doesn’t tell a quarter of the story. It has been an absolutely fierce battle with a series of great refereeing decisions, including the decision not to oust Cheslin Kolbe. The dial only goes one way in the second half, so stick around.

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39 minutes: The scrum must be restarted, it seemed that South Africa doubled up first. The Lions will feel like they haven’t had a brush with the green thus far, but they lead when the horn sounds …

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38 minutes: An hour has passed since kick-off and there are still 90 seconds to play in the first half. The Springboks have a scrum in midfield …

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In the comment box, Owens is asked what is the most inquiries he has received from a coach after a game. “63!” he responds, without naming names.

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Penalty fee! South Africa 6-9 Lions (Biggar)

Biggar kicks right in front of the posts; the referees will appreciate it. It has been absolutely relentless so far.

12.59 p. M. EDT12:59

Don’t try! South Africa 6-6 Lions

Henshaw did very well to spin in the air and even try to lay the ground, but Kolisi did even better to start the ball. We’re back for a peanlty against Mbonambi, who just went through two or three Lions players in preparation.

12.57 p. M. EDT12:57

Is this an attempt by the Lions? Lions ball, and a lead for De Klerk’s tackle over Murray. The scrum half sees an opportunity to lift a kick near the posts, and Robbie Henshaw is underneath it! Under pressure from Kolisi, he turns to try to ground the ball. The decision in the field is don’t try, but it will be verified …

12.55 p. M. EDT12:55

34 minutes: Van der Merwe is back, giving the Lions a men’s lead for the next minute, and Biggar kicks for the corner! Lions lineout, but fumble: Etzebeth picks up, then prowler Itoje forces him back over his own try line. We will restart with a Lions scrum, this feels like a great moment …

12.53 p. M. EDT12:53

32 minutes: Itoje and Tadhg Furlong take the lead, bringing the Lions to the edge of the Boks’ 22, and Makazole Mapimpi is penalized for holding on to the ball!

12.52 pm EDT12:52

Penalty fee! South Africa 6-6 Lions (Pollard 32 ‘)

This time, there is no mistake and the scoreboard, which has at times felt a bit irrelevant in this half, is level again.

12.51 p. M. EDT12:51 pm

30 minutes: South Africa kicks and advances as the Lions attempt to return, forcing the Lions to shoot a penalty in the breakout. Pollard, 1 of 2 so far, lines up the kick at 30 yards …

12.49 p. M. EDT12:49

29 minutes: Itoje nearly ripped the ball off at the lineout and when the Lions got it back, the running backs threw a nice fluid motion to the right flank. However, there are no gaps in the green wall.

12.45 p. M. EDT12:45

27 minutes: Let’s go back to real rugby, with Watson getting his first carry and the Lions working on the phases. Hogg tries a grubber kick down the left flank, but it will be a lineout from Boks.

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12.43 p. M. EDT12:43

Yellow card for South Africa (Kolbe)

Both teams are down to 14, but some will feel Kolbe has played lightly there. Murray’s landing may have saved him. O’Keeffe has another word with Kolisi and Wyn Jones, for all the good it will do.

12.41 p. M. EDT12:41

Murray was still one foot in the air when Kolbe, his eyes on the ball, crashed into him at the knees. The fly flipped over, but reached out a hand to avoid a nasty fall. It will be a card, the question is what color.

In the aftermatch, Curry pushed Kolbe while Maro Itoje was also involved. Dan Biggar also received a big push from Mbonambi and was thrown on the deck. What a mess!

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12.38 p. M. EDT12:38

25 minutes: An exchange of kicks, and when Murray goes to charge, Cheslin Kolbe takes him out in the air! The pot, with the lid rattling everywhere, has now completely overflowed, with the necks grabbing, pushing and shoving everywhere. Much for the officers to unpack …

12.36 p. M. EDT12:36

24 minutes: Ben O’Keeffe has spoken with South Africa about the form of the lineout; today will be busy. Then the Boks gifted possession with a bad pitch, allowing Murray to punt …

12.34 p. M. EDT12:34

Yellow card for the Lions (van der Merwe)

There have been a few fringe calls in this half, but that wasn’t really one of them, it was a rush of blood from Duhan van der Merwe. The Lions are down to 14 men for the next 10 minutes.

12.33 pm EDT12:33

23 minutes: South Africa gets a couple of advantages, and when the ball is deflected towards Kolbe, Van der Merwe trips it. The TMO will have a look, but this looks like a yellow card …