South asia : over one hundred dead of the monsoon in recent days

Asie du Sud : plus de cent morts de la mousson ces derniers jours

More than a hundred people have died in recent days in South Asia in floods and landslides caused by monsoon rains, which have in total affected over five million people, announced Thursday the local authorities.

The great monsoon of June to September is crucial for the life and the agriculture of the indian sub-continent but cause every year significant damage and left hundreds of people dead in this region of the world that houses a fifth of humanity.

Experts expect, however, that the monsoon 2020 is one of the most destructive of recent years in the region, who must also deal with the pandemic of novel coronavirus.

The floods “are quickly becoming among the most important in recent years across Bangladesh, India and Nepal,” said in a press release Antony Balmain, head of the international Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

In the north-east of India, houses and settlements where live more than four million people have been flooded or damaged by rain, torrential in the great State of Assam. 33 people have perished in the course of the last ten days, bringing the total number of dead at 71 since may in this area.

The floods have also claimed the lives of 80 animals to the large nature reserve of Kaziranga, the park with the largest concentration in the world of one-horned rhinoceroses, a species vulnerable.

In Bangladesh, the situation is improving but almost one-third of the territory of this nation deltaic remains covered with water. At least six people have died and 1.8 million are affected.

“Approximately 666 000 families have been affected by floods,” said the ministry of disaster management of Bangladesh.

In Nepal, 67 people are dead and 45 are missing since Sunday last as a result of landslides and floods. The army and the police are continuing their search operations for survivors.

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