South korea: for the first time, no new cases of coronavirus recorded

Corée du Sud: pour la première fois, aucun nouveau cas de coronavirus enregistré

SEOUL | South Korea on Thursday announced to have recorded no new cases of transmission of the novel coronavirus, for the first time since the disease emerged in the country there are more than 70 days.

The country has identified 10 of 765 cases since the first case of infection was reported on February 18, and, for several weeks, it has been the second country most affected by this pandemic, which has made a total of 247 deaths on its territory.

South Korea has succeeded in controlling the spread of the epidemic through an extensive screening campaign and of the identification of persons who have been in contact with carriers of the disease.

The population is also widely respected measures of social distancing.

The number of cases has decreased, the country held a parliamentary election, April 15.

Voters were obliged to take precautions including wearing a mask and gloves.

The participation rate was the highest for a generation and has given the democratic party chairman Moon Jae-in a parliamentary majority, which was seen as a plebiscite of the way the authorities have handled the outbreak.

“For the first time in 72 days, we have no new case at home”, said Thursday the president Moon on his account Facebook.

No one has been infected in the polls, he said, praising “the strength of South Korea and its people”.

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