South Korea reopens its schools, thanks to the decline of the epidemic

La Corée du Sud rouvre ses écoles, grâce au recul de l’épidémie

Hundreds of thousands of students in South Korea are back at school Wednesday, thanks to the reopening of institutions closed for more than two months because of a pandemic of sars coronavirus.

This school year is made with the usual precautions: check the body temperature, hydroalcoholic gel, and greetings from a distance.

“It’s really great to see my friends and my teachers face-to-face, but it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of disinfection”, stressed to AFP Oh Chang-hwa high school in Seoul. “I am very worried, but it’s still nice to see them again”.

South Korea had been for a time the second is the most affected country in the world by the disease (Covid-19), which had encouraged the authorities not to return the students after a vacation in early march.

This country has attacked the problem with a screening strategy to which he has devoted the greatest means, and which has been praised as a model of its kind.

Approximately 440,000 students in their final year of high school, promised in December to the crucial entrance test in the universities, were the first to return to their class. They will be there every day. The younger, led to gradually return in the coming weeks, will alternate between in class and online courses.

Students should regularly clean their table and to respect a minimum distance with their peers. Some classes have been equipped with protective barriers between students.

But 66 schools of Incheon, near Seoul, were closed shortly after their reopening because two students have been diagnosed as carrying the virus, said a spokesman for the educational services of the municipality.

An incident that illustrates the challenges of returning to school.

“The concern for possible small foci of infection still remain and no one can predict what situations may arise in schools”, has warned the Education minister Yoo Eun-hae.

His ministry has set up a crisis unit is open 24 hours on 24, and the schools state of the new infections must close immediately.

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