Soviet popular salad dishes – “Seagull”

Salad “the Seagull” is a very popular recipe Soviet cuisine , which could often be found not only on the table, especially the holiday, but in the menu of restaurants and cafes.

Популярний салат радянської кухні - "Чайка"

Simple, fast, from a minimum of ingredients, this salad was very popular, and now undeservedly almost forgotten, informs Rus.Media.

In its classical form salad Chayka has four ingredients, but still highly recommend adding in a salad onion or green onion or both.

Onion significantly improves the taste of the salad.

Salad Chayka will need:

  • Green peas – 1 Bank.
  • Egg – 3 PCs.
  • Cheese – 100 gr.
  • Mayonnaise – 2-3 tbsp
  • Onion – ½ small onions.
  • Green onions-1-2 pen.
  • Salt – to taste.

Cooking salad Chayka

The eggs boil hard boiled. Then peel them and cut into small pieces.

Onions finely chop.

Better just to remove the bitterness of the onion, so put the chopped onion in a colander and pour it with boiling water. Then immediately rinse the onions with cold water.

After such water treatment, the onions will lose the bitterness and sharpness part, but will remain crunchy.

Cheese cut into small cubes. You can grate it, but the salad with cubes of cheese and looked and felt a lot more interesting. The size of the pieces of cheese as well as eggs, roughly the size of a pea.

In the Soviet Union was usually used or Russian or Poshehonskiy cheese. Now, use the one You like, good variety of cheeses in shops pleases.

Green onions finely chop.

In a salad bowl put all the chopped salad ingredients. Add salt to taste and mayonnaise.

Stir gently to not mash the chopped eggs to the porridge.

It is best to give the salad to infuse for at least 30 minutes.

Then it only remains to serve with a salad on the table. Or directly in a salad bowl or a La carte.

You can decorate the salad with chopped green onions or peas.