Space Observatory recorded a solar Eclipse by the Moon

This was possible thanks to the favorable location of the device at the time of shooting.

Космічна обсерваторія зафіксувала затемнення Сонця Місяцем

The solar dynamics Observatory SDO was able to see the unusual Eclipse of the Sun on the Moon, during which the natural satellite of the Earth first halted, and then began to move in the opposite direction, according to the NASA website, informs Rus.Media.

Space Observatory SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) watching the Sun often fixes partial and full eclipses of the stars caused by the Earth, the Moon, due to its location in geosynchronous orbit. The evening of 6 March 2019 apparatus for four hours watching the passage of the moon through the Sun, which is the maximum of the Eclipse closed 82% of the disk stars. The edge of the lunar disc looks crisp because of the lack of atmosphere in the case of eclipses of the Sun the Earth the edge of the disk of our planet would look blurry.

However, during the observation apparatus, moving in its shorter orbit than that of Earth’s natural satellite, first overtook the moving strip of shade created by the Moon, and then began to move in the opposite direction. That is why one gets the feeling that the Moon during Eclipse in some point stops and starts moving in the opposite direction. This is not the first time such observations, however, this time, the SDO can remove the whole process unusual motion of the satellite.

Now the Sun is observed low activity – level short-wave radiation from the star, which last months and so was at a record low, fell below the threshold of sensitivity of the instrument.