SpaceX has constructed a prototype of the second stage of the rocket BFR

He will go in the first flight this spring.

SpaceX сконструювала прототип другого ступеня ракети BFR

The company SpaceX has completed Assembly of the first prototype of the second stage super-heavy launch BFR. In the spring the company needs to start its flight test validation vertical takeoff and landing. In June, the company intends to assemble a prototype of the second stage, intended for the orbital tests, said in his Twitter head of SpaceX Elon Musk, informs Rus.Media.

BFR is a fully reusable two-stage launch vehicle of super heavy class, which is capable of outputting a payload of more than a hundred tons subject to a return of both degrees. The first degree is intended only for the acceleration of the rocket, and the second step simultaneously acts as a cargo or manned spacecraft, depending on the version. The missile used liquid propellant rocket engines Raptor, running on CNG, which is better suited for kerosene reusable engine due to the lack of soot and other factors. In the first stage 31 will be installed this engine, and the second seven.

To test landing systems the second stage of the SpaceX engineers decided to convene a special reduced prototype. During the tests, which will begin in March or April, the prototype will independently fly on their engines, and then get back to the launch pad. At the time, in the same way the company worked the landing of the first stage of the Falcon 9 on a prototype called Grasshopper. A prototype of the second stage of BFR has some differences from the final version. The main of them are three engines instead of seven, a smaller height and a smaller thickness of the case is made of steel.

In early January, experts SpaceX has now completed the prototype and polishing its body, after which Elon Musk has posted on his Twitter a picture of him. It is also possible to see a person or mannequin in a spacesuit, which SpaceX plans to use manned missions for BFR itself and on the spacecraft Crew Dragon.

Elon Musk also said that in June the company intends to finalize the orbital prototype of the second degree. It should be noted that a businessman could have in mind not a full-fledged second line BFR, and a modified second stage of the Falcon 9 with the same BFR. In November, Musk said that SpaceX will launch in June a prototype and work on it entering the atmosphere at high speed.

SpaceX plans to use BFR for manned missions to the moon and Mars. The company has already found the first tourist flight around the moon that will not happen until 2023. Until 2028 Musk expects to build on Mars manned base.