SpaceX has shown its new rocket

Presented the prototype test plan to use for suborbital flights.

SpaceX показала свою нову ракету

The company SpaceX has posted in his Twitter the first photo of the assembled rocket, which it intends to use for working off of technologies of the future spaceship Starship, informs Rus.Media.

To estimate the size of a new product, you can compare a rocket with a man standing beside her. Building rockets is an important step towards the implementation of the most ambitious programs of SpaceX, which is now the name of the Starship. Engineers SpaceX needs to obtain important technical data that will be used to create a new space ship.

SpaceX itself said earlier that the program of test flights of Starship will be similar to Grasshopper. This, recall, flying stand, which was built to test the technologies needed by the company through the creation of reusable rockets. The sample shown is now used for vertical jumps, then return and soft landing back to Earth. Previously Elon Musk noted that the shape of a ship Starship will be different from the shape of the flight stand.

The first test launch of experimental rockets intend to implement in the coming months. The next step will be the presentation Nikons ship. And only then we can expect the first test Starship.

Recall that the Starship is an integral part of the project, which is now known as the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). It envisages the creation of the largest and most powerful rockets in the history of civilization. As her second degree will be the spacecraft that will also be the largest spacecraft ever built. Earlier, SpaceX stated that the Board will be a hundred people. The concept of the BFR, the company considers primarily as a tool for flying in the outer space, in particular to Mars.

At the same time, SpaceX analyzes the use of super-heavy launch vehicle for earth’s flights: as a kind of alternative to air transport. Experts ambiguously assessed the prospects of this undertaking. The Big Falcon Rocket launch cargo to Mars intend to carry out in 2022.

Earlier it was reported that for future reusable vehicle “Soyuz-7” has chosen the framework for the return of the first degree, previously successfully tested by the company SpaceX of the Falcon 9 rocket.