SpaceX has won a tender of the Ministry of defence of the USA on the launch of a military satellite using the Falcon Heavy

SpaceX made the first successful launch of Falcon Heavy in February 2018

SpaceX выиграла тендер минобороны США на запуск военного спутника с помощью Falcon Heavy

Us private company SpaceX Elon musk has won the tender of the Ministry of defense on the orbiting satellite of the U.S. air force with super-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. The tender was attended by two companies.

The contract is worth $130 million. According to him, based in Hawthorne (California), the company Elon musk will launch a military satellite Air Force Space Command-52 on the intended orbit. The contract includes the manufacture of launch vehicle and integration, startup and implementation activities to ensure flight into space.

It is expected that the work on the preparation of the flight, which will be held at the headquarters of SpaceX, Kennedy space center in Florida and at the test site in McGregor (Texas), will be completed by September 2020. Launch is planned from the launch pad complex on the grounds of the Kennedy space center.

“On behalf of all our staff I want to thank the air force for the certification of the Falcon Heavy, expressed in instructions to perform a critical mission for the trust and confidence in our company,” said President and chief operating officer of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell.

SpaceX made the first successful launch of Falcon Heavy in February 2018. The missile is designed in such a way that after splitting all three accelerator can produce the fit in the future be reused.

The Russian equivalent is considered to be developed by RSC Energia “Soyuz-5” which today exists only on paper.


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