Spain: 430 died of the coronavirus in 24 hours, slight rebound

Espagne: 430 morts du coronavirus en 24 heures, léger rebond

Spain was identified Tuesday 430 died of the new coronavirus in 24 hours, a slight rebound compared to 399 notified on Monday, bringing the total deaths to more than 21,000, announced the ministry of Health.

The balance sheet daily COVID-19 has generally tended to rise on Tuesday due to a delay in notification by the regions of the dead that occurred during the weekend.

In total, 21 of 282 people have died from the disease in the country, one of the most bereaved in the world by the pandemic and where the number of confirmed cases is now in excess of 204 000.

The nursing staff (who has been in desperate need of protection equipment especially at the beginning of the epidemic) is strongly affected, with 31 788 infected persons, said the ministry of Health.

The number of people healed in Spain reached 82 518. Despite this rebound, “the clear downward trend in the number of dead continues, “even if” it is a figure that concerns us, ” stressed the director of the centre for health alerts, Fernando Simon.

At the height of the epidemic, the country has recorded 950 deaths daily on 2 April.

Spain is submitted since the march 14 to a containment general extremely strict which should be prolonged by the parliament until may 9, inclusive.

This containment, however, has to be slightly loosened from the 27th of April. The children will be allowed out for the first time to take to the air in conditions which should be set out Tuesday by the government.

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