Spain closed the criminal case against Dmitry Firtash

В Испании закрыли уголовное дело против Дмитрия Фирташа

© from the personal archive of Dmitry FirtashCriminal proceedings against the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, and against another 17 people involved in this case had been closed by the Investigative Court number 21 of Barcelona by decision of the judge Ignacio Sanchez. About November 15, reported the Spanish newspaper El Español.According to the judge Ignacio Sanchez, after four years of investigation failed to collect tangible evidence, which would point to signs of the crimes of the Ukrainian oligarch.

“The contents of the investigation today is based solely on suspicion and does not contain substantial evidence that would point to signs of the crime committed by anyone of the accused”, — quotes the statement of a judge of the Spanish newspaper El Español.

Earlier, the lawyers of Dmytro Firtash filed a motion to close the case against him, citing the grounds for refusal of extradition contained in the decisions of the Austrian courts.While Spanish publication notes that the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office in November 2016 required a ruling on the arrest and extradition of Firtash, who was in Vienna. However, the request of Spanish prosecutors were dismissed in August 2017 the Austrian court.

Then the Austrian law enforcement authorities stressed that the Spanish request for extradition of the same charges, the FBI against the businessman “without providing minimal evidence of his participation in control, management or supervision” for the structure, supposedly established in Spain for money laundering organized crime.

We will remind, Dmitry Firtash was detained in the Austrian capital in March 2014 on request of the American FBI for extradition. The businessman was accused of bribing Indian officials for a total amount of 18.5 million dollars to acquire licenses for the development of ilmenite deposits in Andhra Pradesh.

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