Spain faces a tourism disaster

Испании грозит туристическая катастрофа

The bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook faces a tourism disaster of Spain. During the next winter season in Spanish resorts were missing, according to preliminary estimates, about 1 million 400 thousand tourists. Spain will burn. British tour operator was one of the largest providers of foreign tourists in Spanish resorts. After his bankruptcy in this winter season for the whole of Spain will be closed not less than five hundred hotels. Losses of the Spanish tourist sector is estimated at several hundred million euros. The exact numbers can be called only at the end of the season. Canary Islands, one of the leading regions of Spain by the number of outbound tourists in the winter, one of the first time to feel the adverse consequences of a failure of a tour operator. Local hotel Fuerteventura Princess is already closed. The hotel had an exclusive contract with Thomas Cook, according to which almost one hundred percent occupancy rate in the hotel was supposed to be guaranteed by the tour operator. In total, according to forecasts, the Canary Islands will not be able to make this year about 400 thousand tourists, which was supposed to go on vacation tour operator. Also, experts are afraid, that about 3.5 thousand people employed in the tourist sector in the Canary Islands, and all will lose their jobs. The negative consequences of the closure of Thomas Cook felt the other Spanish regions. Lately in the tourism sector of the country has seen a steady stagnation. The previous few years Spanish tourism has experienced stable growth, and this year will be the first in the last six years, when the growth either be terminated, or will remain at the minimum rate. Another illustration of how everything is interconnected in today’s world. Folk wisdom still right — you should put eggs in different baskets.

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