Spain : further easing of the containment in early may

Espagne : nouvel assouplissement du confinement début mai

MADRID | The Spanish government announced Saturday evening that his countrymen, submitted to a containment extremely strict, could go out and do sports or walk from may 2, if the epidemic of coronavirus continued to mark time.

Pedro Sanchez has also announced that it will present Tuesday, plan déconfinement of Spain that it plans to launch in mid-may.

“I would like to announce that if the evolution of the pandemic is continuing in a positive direction (…), from 2 may, it will be allowed to go for sports activities or individual walks with the persons with whom we live,” he said during a televised speech.

The announcement of this new easing comes on the eve of the permission to walk is granted from Sunday to children under the age of 14 years, locked up at home for six weeks.

Spain is submitted from 14 march to a confinement more strict than other european countries, which has been extended until may 9, inclusive.

The adults are currently allowed to leave home only to work if telecommuting is not possible, buy food, go to the pharmacy, healthcare, or quickly get out their dog.

Mr. Sanchez, who had spoken this week of the due date of mid-may to start to lift very slowly, the containment, has announced that it will present Tuesday his plan déconfinement.

This déconfinement “will be gradual, because we are not going to find a sudden all of our mobility,” he insisted.

“All (economic) activities will resume in stages and limitations, which will change according to each advanced” in the fight against the epidemic, he added, stressing that the déconfinement would be different in different regions of the country.

Spain is the third country in the most grief-stricken of the world by the pandemic of sars coronavirus with 22 902 deaths, behind the United States and Italy.

On Saturday, the country has recorded 378 deaths to the novel coronavirus in 24 hours, a slight rebound compared to 367 of the night before, which was its lowest level since a month.

The total number of confirmed cases stands at more than 223 000, including the people whose tests showed that they had developed antibodies against the disease.

However, the health authorities are now before the number of the only cases confirmed by tests, virological – 205 905 2 944 in 24 hours – in order to emphasize that Spain has reached since Friday, an important goal in its fight against the epidemic : the number of confirmed cases in a day is far less than the number of people healed.

In total, 95 708 people have officially overcome the disease, of which 3 353 these last 24 hours.

“It is a partial victory modest “, pointed out Pedro Sanchez in calling on the Spaniards to continue to act with ” great caution “.

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