Speak to a “real person”, is more crucial than ever in the banking sector

If there’s one thing that Lucia Blanchet has retained to the present crisis of the COVID-19, is that despite the technological advances in finance, bank customers still need to talk to “a real person” when things get tough.

Parler à une «vraie personne», plus crucial que jamais dans le secteur bancaire

Lucia Blanchet
Vice-president of customer experience at NL

An observation which led the National Bank to revise its modernization plans, ” says the one who holds the position of vice-president of customer experience.

“At the level of the bank daily, we will continue to invest in the technology of financial. But one sees that in times of uncertainty or crisis, it is necessary to offer the council. So we’re going to change some of the plans that we had to put these tips to the front. And train our staff accordingly, ” says Ms. Blanchet.

Answer the questions

The National Bank has launched a new campaign in which she tackles a multitude of practical issues surrounding the personal finances in the era of the coronavirus.

How to find among the range of financial assistance measures offered by the various levels of government, to repel the payments of his mortgage or his credit card, or straighten his / her debts ?

Up to now, “worst case scenarios” did not materialize, she says.

Several customers have decided to take advantage of the many tax relief measures offered by the Bank, but less drastic than originally planned. However, the questions abound.

“It is really income to the base. The question that people ask is “now what do I do ?” “”she explains.

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