Special correspondent of “the Country” Olesya Medvedeva filed a statement of offense for the application of Ostap Drozdova of the inhabitants of Donbass

Спецкор "Страны" Олеся Медведева подала заявление о преступлении за заявления Остапа Дроздова о жителях Донбасса

Olesya Medvedeva c statement. Stranayathe Special correspondent of “Country” and blogger Olesya Medvedev, as promised, filed an application about the crime against TV host Ostap Drozdov in his remarks, degrading of the residents of Donbass.
“So, friends, we have registered an fir against Ostap Drozdov for inciting hatred,” – said Olesya Medvedeva, showing the statement itself.

The document was registered on 1 November in the Main Department of the National police in the city of Kiev.

Спецкор "Страны" Олеся Медведева подала заявление о преступлении за заявления Остапа Дроздова о жителях Донбасса

Photo: Stranaya

Olesya Medvedev announced that accompany this case will be the lawyer of the company “Mogil’nitskii and partners” Anton Zhuravel. According to the lawyer, the complaint was filed in accordance with article 214 of the Criminal procedure code about the Commission of a crime by a citizen Ostap Drozdov.

“We are talking about the events that took place on October 26, 2019, namely, the sayings of Ostap Drozdova aired on television and radio “Rendezvous” on “the 5th channel”, – said Anton Zhuravel.

Anton Zhuravel says that these actions that the plaintiff assesses how the crime is qualified under article 161 part 3 of the criminal code of Ukraine, that is, one that was committed by an organized group in the form of incitement to hatred, national hatred, humiliation of honor and dignity of citizens.

Olesya Medvedev said that the purpose of peace statements to the police not only to achieve punishment for Ostap Drozdov for inciting hatred towards Donbass residents, but also to draw public attention to the inadmissibility of similar statements that have become unfortunately the norm in the last five years.

“We chose a new President, new Parliament, new Cabinet, power structures. And we hope that finally the laws of Ukraine’s working, we hope that at the legislative level through power structures and law enforcement people who carry aggression, which incite hatred, demean the citizens of Ukraine will be punished” – summed it.

Recall, October 26, journalist and former TV presenter ZiK came to the program “Rendezvous” with Yanina Sokolova. After watching the video of “DNR”, where local residents stated that they wanted to live with Russia, Drozdov recalled that he was defending the separatists and tried to “get into their heads”. But then he changed his mind.

“Of course, as a child I loved going to the zoo and watch how they behave especially in the Department of cloven-hoofed animals. But I’ve outgrown this job and for all the points “I” arranged”, – he explained his evolution of thrush.

He also made a proposal to deprive all residents of the territories uncontrolled by the Ukrainian citizenship.

Also, the journalist has given a number of characteristics of the residents of Donbas. “To a certain extent, these people are scary… I would argue that the Donbass on their civic consciousness worst. They are in the “DNR” and “LNR”, in addition to “Russia today” and Skobeevo, can’t hear anything. It is in principle missing people,” – said the journalist.

In this case, “Country” understood that the national Council on TV won’t check the channel Poroshenko that insulted the residents of Donbass.

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