Speech to the Nation: Trudeau calls for the solidarity of Canadians

Speech to the Nation: Trudeau calls for the solidarity of Canadians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday evening urged Canadians to redouble their efforts to limit the damage from the pandemic in a televised address to the nation where he returned to the Throne Speech presented in the afternoon by his government.

“The virus is making a comeback in several parts of the country. In our four largest provinces, the second wave is not just beginning, it is underway, ”he said, urging citizens to reduce their social interactions.

“Now is not the time to party. No one is invincible. And your loved ones are not either, ”he added, returning to the importance of wearing a mask and respecting the rules of physical distancing.

Mr. Trudeau took the opportunity to highlight the main priorities contained in the Speech from the Throne presented by Governor General Julie Payette earlier Wednesday, which will be the subject of a vote of confidence.

He mentioned in particular the promise to extend the wage subsidy until next summer and his government's desire to shift into second gear to implement a universal drug insurance system.

Mr. Trudeau also defended himself from intending to spend lavishly.

“I know some people are asking how we can afford to do [everything we promise] for Canadians. It is legitimate. Low interest rates mean you can afford it. And in fact, doing less would end up costing a lot more. ”

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