Spencer Moore empty his bag on the back of the CFL

Spencer Moore vide son sac sur le dos de la LCF

It is the calm in the negotiations for a raise in the canadian football League (CFL). Commissioner Randy Ambrosie mentions on all forums that it is optimistic to present a season of 2020. However, the players are starting to tap her foot.

The centre-back of the Alouettes, Spencer Moore, has emptied his bag on his Twitter account on Thursday after receiving a note of the players ‘ Association about the latest developments. An opinion that reflects the frustration of many players in the CFL compared to the current situation.

“It still amazes me to see that there is a lack of communication and openness between the leaders of the CFL and the players association and its members,” said the number 80 of the Alouettes.

“We should sit on our hands and wait for even if we say that there is a [communication]. “

It has added a layer.

“It is alarming to see at what point the product [players] is not respected in this folder. It is sad because the players understand the pitfalls (related to the pandemic of the COVID-19), but it is not considered.

“How is it that we are not the first to be informed of what is going on ? People ask me questions all day. My answer is the same : our players association is ignored. We are informed at the same time as the public. This is ridiculous. “

Counter of meat ?

Moore remembers much about veterans when he arrived in the CFL. And it was not very flattering.

“The veterans had told me “welcome to the counter at meat [meat market]”, implying at what point the players have no value in the eyes of the league, he recalled. I realize today how much of it was revealing.

“We are constantly making concessions in relation to our careers and our quality of life. It is seen as pieces replaceable by a machine. However, this lack of communication could lead to the loss of parts irreplaceable, we, the players. “

He stated that all his comments are directed to the location of the LCF as a whole and not in the direction of his coaches, office staff or leaders he rubs shoulders with on a daily basis.

“It is a pity to say this a job that I love to do for a long time. I feel like a number. I know that I am a centre-back canadian, and that I don’t put spectators in the stands.

“But I also know that I have a positive impact on many people and that we do account for those. It matters to communities across Canada. ”

Contacted by the Journal de Montréal, Moore persists and signs. It takes her about until the end.

“It should not be wrong. I like to play in the CFL and it’s been seven years that I do, he mentioned. I especially don’t want the people to believe that I under-estimated the pandemic of the COVID-19. This is serious.”

On the site

All the players in the CFL were to receive a first pay cheque in may on the occasion of the training camp. Canadian players and americans must find ways to complete their family budget. Moore is in the same boat.

“I work 50 hours a week for a company of landscaping for me to change ideas and make a living for my family. When I will have a more precise idea of the date of our return-to-play, I’ll resume training more intensively.

“I hope that the CFL will take a decision soon. For that, they should have a plan. For the moment, it seems not to be the case.”

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