Spending on video games reached a record high in march

Les dépenses en faveur des jeux vidéos atteignent un record en mars

SAN FRACISCO | expenses in the direction of the video games have reached a record high in march, to US $10 billion, thanks to the containment of a large part of the population, according to data published Thursday by the law firm Superdata.

The revenues generated by the major console games have jumped to $ 1.5 billion versus $ 883 million in February, and those derived from the main games played on computer climbed 56 %, to $ 567 million.

These game categories are especially popular in Europe and the United States, where the containment measures put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus have forced the inhabitants to stay in their homes.

“People are turning to video games, which allow you to be entertained in safety during the crisis of the COVID-19, and use the online multiplayer games to stay in contact with each other,” said SuperData in a note to the blog.

The sales of video games is an overall increase of 11 % year on year in march, according to Superdata.

Five million copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons were sold in march, allowing Nintendo to establish a new record of sales in a month of a game console.

The closure of physical stores, it has pushed the players to turn to online shopping : the expenditures in direction of games on mobile have increased 15 %, to $ 5.7 billion.

Pokémon Gb draws its pin from the play, and sees its revenues increase 18 % to $ 111 million $, after that the manufacturer Niantic has changed the settings to allow to play more easily without the need to go out.

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