Spices for Your slim figure!

There are many spices and herbs that perfectly help us to lose weight. Some of them accelerate metabolism, others help in the breakdown of fats, and others – dampen hunger, so we eat less, than going.

Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

A variety of spices, dried herbs and sauces not only can change the taste of the dish beyond recognition, but to contribute to the attainment of your dream figure.

Surprisingly, sometimes we don’t even know that the same familiar black pepper, cinnamon or Basil help us straineth. We have selected for you 5 of the most active spices.


Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

Chile pepper, hot pepper, hot pepper, Cayenne pepper – all names for one product – red hot pepper. Included in its composition phenolic compound capsaicin increases body temperature and speeds up metabolism, contributing to the acceleration of fat burning. Besides red hot pepper lowers hunger, allowing you to feel full on less amount of food. For culinary creativity suitable dried crushed red chilli, dried pods (you can add them to soups when cooking or flavored olive oil) and fresh pods as a whole. Of them, by the way, it is better to remove the seeds and veins when cooking and do it with gloves so as not to damage the skin, if the pepper is very sharp. For the first time to use quite a bit of spice to your taste buds accustomed to it.

Where to add:

sauces, salad dressings, yogurt, yogurt, broths, soups, hot dishes of meat, poultry, cereals, legumes or vegetables.

Examples of dietary meals with pepper:

– braised eggplant with spicy chili;

– vegetable salad with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and Cayenne pepper;

red beans, greens and red peppers;

– strudel of thin dough phyllo, corn, carrots and Cayenne pepper.


Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

Ginger is one of the best natural helpers in the fight against obesity. It accelerates metabolism, suppresses appetite, improves digestion and excretes toxins. And it strengthens blood vessels and the immune system, helps prevent colds, improves memory. Is to use dried ground ginger (e.g., baking) or a thin slice fresh.

Where to add:

hot drinks (tea or plain water with a couple slices of fresh ginger root is the best way to suppress appetite), dishes with meat and vegetables, sweet and savory pastries.

Examples of dietary foods and drinks with ginger:

– baked lamb with slices of ginger;

– tea with lemon and fresh ginger root (helps to get rid of the desire to eat something sweet);

– stew of pumpkin, potato, celery and ginger;

– lean ginger cookies without sugar and whole wheat flour.


Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

The smell of vanilla perfectly suppresses hunger and improves mood. If you are prone to spontaneous snacking of sweets or chips, keep a bag with the vanilla bean. His scent will allow you to refrain from junk food. And the vanilla helps to minimize the sugar in the desserts. To use in cooking the best whole vanilla pods. They need to be cut lengthwise and with the back of a knife to clean off the inner part. Also suitable vanilla extract or vanilla powder (ground dried vanilla pods). Vanilla sugar-still no good. This product is actually vanilla has a very distant relationship. For its preparation is used 1 vanilla pod for flavoring 500 g regular white sugar. Not the most useful and dietary product, it is better to buy the real vanilla.

Where to add:

coffee, tea, natural yogurt or drinkable yogurt, cheese, sweet pastries, desserts, fruit salads, porridge.

Examples of dietary meals vanilla:

– dietetic carrot muffins no sugar in the oats and vanilla;

– whipped cottage cheese with vanilla and frozen strawberries (a great alternative to ice cream);

– rice porridge with dried fruit and vanilla;

– thin strudel made of phyllo dough, apples & vanilla (no sugar).


Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

Anis is better than other spices will help to cope with the desire to eat something delicious. Nutritionists in this case, it is recommended to chew a few anise seeds. The desire to eat will disappear and will remain a nice refreshing taste in your mouth. In addition to reducing appetite, anise uplifting, has a mild tonic effect and increases efficiency.

Where to add:

hot and cold drinks, meals with meat, poultry, fish, cereals and vegetables, sweet and savory pastries.

Examples of dietary meals with anise:

– fish stew with anise;

– sautee spinach with tomatoes and anise;

– pickled cabbage with anise;

– salad of apples and carrots with anise.


Спеції для Вашої стрункої фігури!

It speeds up the breakdown of fat cells and also cleans the body, removes toxins and improves digestion. Helps to digest heavy and fatty food (no wonder horseradish traditionally served with aspic). Additionally, horseradish has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rich in vitamins and minerals. In what form to use is up to you. You can prepare the sauces at home on your own or buy ready-made condiments of grated horseradish and spices in the store.

Where to add:

marinades, seasonings and sauces.

Examples of dietary meals with horseradish:

sauce, grated horseradish, grated boiled beets and vinegar;

sauce, grated horseradish, grated sweet apples and vinegar;

– boiled beef tongue with horseradish sauce and beetroot;

– cold roast veal with a sauce of horseradish and apples.

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