SPIEF-2019: what was asked of Putin by foreign journalists

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin answered questions of heads of foreign news agencies within the St. Petersburg international economic forum. Its main task journalists called objectivity and struggle with the fake news. What else was discussed with the President, knows the political analyst of TV channel “MIR 24” Margarita Kirilova.

At the meeting with heads of news agencies, Vladimir Putin, as always, was accurate with aphorisms. Answering a question about Venezuela, he said the famous phrase: “Good intentions pave the road to hell.” The Russian leader meant what the US is now quite unreasonably interfere in the Affairs of the state.

This question was asked by the Executive head of the Agency Bloomberg Rosalind Matheson. She also said that in Boxing, but never stepped into the ring with Putin. The President replied that would never do anything like that with the ladies, especially in the ring, but on the Mat he would have to overcome.

But fighting this kind of Vladimir Putin is not interested, especially now in his life, many political struggle. According to him, over the heads of the inhabitants of the entire planet hangs a big danger. The US unilaterally broke the INF Treaty. In addition, Russia no one supports dialogue regarding the start-3 Treaty, which ends in 2021. Today, Putin has addressed to colleagues from other countries and asked to consider the experience of the past.

“Let us remember Churchill, who at first hated the Soviet Union, then called Stalin a great revolutionary, when it was necessary to fight Nazism, and after the Americans got the nuclear weapons, calls for their immediate is actually to destroy the Soviet Union. If you remember his speech in Fulton was the start of the cold war. But once the Soviet Union acquired nuclear weapons, Churchill initiated the coexistence of two systems,” Putin said.

The forum itself is being held in Expocentre. It was made by Tigran Sargsyan, Chairman of the Eurasian Commission. Asked how he refers to the fact that the organization he heads, compare with the political organization. Sargsyan said that the EEU once called Hillary Clinton, however, primarily member countries of the organization share a common economic future.

“We have issued a report on the results of integration of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The results unequivocally speak about the benefits. In particular, the volume of export to the total space has increased by more than 30% annually. This is a very significant stimulus for economic growth in these countries,” he said.

Also on the sidelines of the summit made by Igor Dodon. Moldovan President invited businessmen to come to Chisinau, where very soon will be another business forum. He also met today with the head of “Gazprom” and discussed Russian gas deliveries to Moldova.

“Moldova may soon become an example of balance. Specifics of is what again? We have a common border with the European Union. Romania’s EU is a country NATO military Alliance. We have no common border with the EEU because we Ukraine. But we have an agreement with the European Union and CIS countries. Today in Chisinau there is the Association agreement with Europe, a visa-free regime with Europe and at the same time we have a free trade agreement with the CIS,” said Igor Dodon.