Spiegel on Sytnik and about corruption in Ukraine

Spiegel о Сытнике и о коррупции в Украине

In order to understand how we perceive the West, it is sometimes necessary to read the Western press.

Here’s how he described the situation with the head of the NAB is probably the most authoritative publication in Europe – Spiegel.

“In Ukraine, the head of the National anti-corruption Bureau (NEB) finally Eugen for corruption. The court of appeal in Western Ukrainian city of Rivne upheld the decision against Artem Sytnik. It was invited several times on vacation at a cost of tens of thousands of euros in a luxurious hunting Lodge for the weekend.

Fine Sytnik was only about 130 euros. But after the final decision, the official should probably be fired.

Sytnik is the head of the Agency, established in 2015, funded by Western anti-corruption Fund. In 2016, the Agency stated that Ukraine had paid the doubtful nature of the payment Floor Manafort, head of the election headquarters of Donald trump. In this regard, in Ukraine there were accusations against rush that he influenced elections in the United States and acted against the national interests of Ukraine. Eventually, in 2018, the Parliament tried to weaken the anti-corruption legislative restrictions. However, the EU has suspended these attempts.

Today, according to Transparency International, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe”.

So, and not otherwise perceive us in Europe – the most corrupt country and a country of idiots, in which the corrupt chief on trial for corruption.

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