Spielberg’t mind making Indiana Jones a woman

Спилберг не против сделать Индиану Джонса женщиной

Hollywood Director Steven Spielberg expressed a desire to invite a woman to the role of Indiana Jones. In an interview with The Sun he said that this case character, a woman had to call Joan.

According to 71-year-old filmmaker there is nothing to worry.

Spielberg said that childhood was surrounded by strong women.

“Mom was strong. She had your voice a very strong opinion. I’m lucky because I was influenced by women, some of whom I am madly in love with my mother and my wife,” said the Director.

Note that filming of the fifth film about the adventures of an archaeologist is scheduled for April of next year. The picture will be the last for actor Harrison Ford, in which he will play a major role.

“But, of course, history will continue”, — concluded Spielberg.

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