Spinal traction: a support for your health for many years (4 exercises)

Вытяжение позвоночника: опора для вашего здоровья на долгие годы (4 упражнения)

Our health depends on various factors, one of which is posture. Physical activity will improve the elasticity of your spine. We offer to your attention a set of exercises that will help to get rid of the discomfort in the intervertebral ligaments.

Spine traction: 4 effective exercises

Exercise 1

Become straight and tilt your shoulders forward. Lower your chin to your chest muscles. Next, repeat the following motion: move head and shoulders first, 15 times down and then 15 times in the opposite direction, stopping in each position for 5 seconds. Then again, tilt your chin to your chest muscles and bend as low as possible so that the spine has acquired a curved shape.

During these movements also engage the shoulders, trying to bring each other. Without raising the shoulders, start to lean in the opposite direction, that is ago. During exercise do not forget about breathing, during tilting back take deep breath while bending forward — a deep breath.

Exercise 2

Again become to the standing position. The essence of the exercise is to make the slopes in the left and right side without lifting your hands from the body. Try the right hand to reach for right foot and left hand respectively to the left. These movements will help to significantly improve the flexibility of the intervertebral ligaments and increase the elasticity of the upper part of the spine.

Repeat the slopes by 10 times in each direction. Again, control the breathing. Breathe when you are in the starting position, and exhale when tilting to the side.

Exercise 3

The following exercise is that you need to make a bending forward, as if trying to get the nose to the stomach. For greater effectiveness, do this exercise sitting down. Put your hand on the back, such as a chair, and holding on, lean forward. In the rest position, take a deep breath, and when the tilt — exhale the air.

Please note that after each tilt to strengthen your back you need entirely. This will help “pull” the spine a few inches. Next, proceed to tilt the head back. SAG as low as possible and remember that each side needs to bend over 10 times, and the duration of the tilt should last 5 seconds.

Exercise 4

The slopes in each direction made and now need to fix the result using a circular movements of the spine. Turn your head and shoulders to the right as much as possible. Then, run 5 circular momentum back, relax, and repeat the exercise. After that, twice for 15 movements, turn your head and shoulders to the left. Do the same movement now for the left side. Try not to hold your breath.

In order to achieve the best result, follow this simple set of exercises every day. After 6 months you will be able to feel significant improvement. However, even when you already will not feel obvious discomfort, remember that you should continue to do these exercises to intervertebral ligament has not lost its elasticity.

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