Spiritual weapons front: what military songs are still popular

Духовное оружие фронта: какие военные песни популярны до сих пор

During the war, the song becomes a spiritual weapon of the front and rear, even in the trenches soldiers sing and write poems, writes “the WORLD 24”. Many of the melodies of the great Patriotic war is still popular.

For example, the song “Three tanker”, which became the informal anthem of the border and armored forces of Russia, was first performed in 1939 in the film “Tractor”. Since then, her singing at concerts and at home, during a party. “Katyusha” – the words of this song to sing. A touching story about a girl longing for her lover – “the soldier on the far frontier”, became one of the most beloved.

Everyone is familiar with “darkie”. Hardly it will lead the Amateur orchestra of the guard of captain Titarenko in the movie “go To fight some “old people”, as he is already singing along to every Russian viewer.For the first time “darkie” was made in 1944 in the performance of Academic Alexandrov ensemble of the red banner. The tune instantly caught in the rear and at the front. “Darkie” was said about the events of the Civil war, but it was perceived as a song about the defenders of Moldova in the Great Patriotic war. After the war, “darkie” entered the repertoire of popular artists, including Joseph Kobzon and Sofia Rotaru.

“Combat-batyanya, batyanya-combat, you didn’t hide behind the guys” – from the song of group “lube” give you goose bumps. The story of the difficult everyday life of battalion commander, became a national hit, and followed her in singing karaoke often Ofitsery Oleg Gazmanov. And this song love not only those who gave back to the Motherland. “Officers” performed by all men, because of the words of this song are forced to think deeply not only about war but also about peace.