Sportsdirect: Austrian snowboarder executed the jump at 1260 degrees

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Anna Timoshenko

The TV channel “MIR 24” has prepared an overview of the most interesting news from the world of sport.

British entrepreneur Matt Everard broke up their tuned autorickshaw up to 120 km/h. He fell in love with three-wheeled cars (tuk-tuks) when I was in Thailand. There’s this kind of transport is very popular. Then went home and bought retromobil. Decided to Refine it, to speed increased. Removed the hood, installed a new motor, put in a total of 25 thousand dollars – more than the cost himself a tuk-tuk. Matt felt his brainchild for a few months and went to the race track. Now his name is listed in the Guinness Book of records.

Another record was set by Austrian Anna Gasser. Olympic champion in snowboarding, the first in the world among women performed a difficult trick. Double somersault three and a half turns is in the amount of 1260 degree – were obedient to the girl on the first try. Anna writes the story. Six months ago, she became the first woman, who performed the triple cork, that is, a triple flip in the air.

Badminton took to the streets. The international Federation introduced a new version of the game is outdoors. Since the founding in the nineteenth century in badminton at the professional level played in the halls. Sports engineers five years developed a new shuttlecock for a street version. It is more resistant to gusts of wind and after impact can be dispersed up to 12 km/h. Badminton will become very popular, believe leaders of the world badminton Federation. They urge everyone to take the racket, shuttlecock and go outside.