Sportsdirect: golfer tiger woods is going to go to the Olympics-2020

PHOTO : TASS / Kay Nietfeld/DPA

The TV channel “MIR 24” has prepared an overview of the most interesting news from the world of sport.

Tiger dreams of Tokyo. The legend of Golf tiger woods may be the first time to participate in the Olympics. American superstar 43. And if he does go to the Games, which will be held next summer in Japan, they are likely to not only debut, but also the last in his career. Talked about this and the tiger. At a high level after the divorce, multiple surgeries and a long recovery, he returned this year. It is noted that only the 2020 Olympic games from one country will go for a maximum of four golfers.

Career Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev is now under threat. And it’s not trauma, or doping something already familiar from the world of big-time sports. All because of a kiss. After one of the battles won by the famous heavyweight live grabbed by the face and kissed the journalist Jennifer has Ravalo. First, this act brought the Bulgarian to the dock, and here was the famous verdict: Pulev barred from ringside in the United States for six months and must take courses on the prevention of sexual violence, plus he had to pay a fine of 2.5 thousand dollars.

Some to climb to the top floor, a lift is not needed. Suzy Walsham of Singapore, won his tenth race up the stairs of the Empire state building. The result is overwhelming: 86 floors in 12 minutes. Athletes from all over the world took part in the annual race in the iconic skyscraper. The height of the building is 443 meters. The steps sounds even more impressive: from lobby to first floor up to the observation deck – 1576. For more than 40-year history of this competition for a top up 8000 athletes.