“Sprechender” attack. Who appointed the Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language

«Шпрехенфюреры» атакуют. Кого назначили уполномоченным по защите украинского языка

“Mouna Ombudsman” Tatiana Monakhova covers harassment of a teacher of his school.

In Ukraine routinely appointed a so-called “movnogo Ombudsman” — another official of the parasite, which needs to monitor how implemented a controversial language law that discriminate against Russian language in favor of “language of the titular nation”. Those wishing to supervise its execution were many. And not surprising, because the position of “prehistoria” opens the way for the unrestrained PR at public expense, and all his duties are reduced to verifying complaints of alleged violations of the rights of Ukrainian citizens — for example, if some woman was talking in the store in Russian, is deadly insulting this next Niceu or fahrion.

“Movny the Ombudsman” has the right to punish such offenders until the administrative fine and we will surely see in the very near future.Who became the first Ukrainian “sprecherteam”? The position of Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language has appointed Tatiana Monakhova, who worked as head of the Department of journalism of the black sea national University of Peter Graves in his hometown of Nikolaev, and graduated from the local pedagogical University on a speciality “teacher of Ukrainian language and literature and English language and foreign literature”.

“Always had a dream to nurture, to build or to construct a powerful homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians — a society of like-minded people who speak the state language, not having differences on key state issues. The monolith and create carrots and sticks,” says the official, freshly baked from one hundred percent Russian-speaking city, which has tried to whip through the language of his countrymen.

Her plans include even Ukrainization of the Internet — which, according to Monakhova, should be governed by strict state censorship. “The law of Ukraine on information and the media is missing the term “Internet”. Accordingly, the Internet, the country’s de jure does not exist. It turns out, the country’s information security needs in public debate and clearly spelled out laws”, — she wrote about it. From what we can judge that “movny Ombudsman” try zakoshmarit neogranichennye network resources, especially if they criticize the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, disrupting this “information security” of the country.

But personnel policy “servants of the people” carries an obvious vicious principle, which has been confirmed by the example of many resonant incidents in recent times. Appointing officials, Vladimir Zelensky and Alexey Goncharuk guided by the principles of political reasonability, personal loyalty and nepotism, or check the candidate for ties with influential grant organizations. However, they do not care much about the professional competence of the applicant as well as his past, which often present the most hard-hitting scandals.

The case of Tatiana Monakhova is no exception to this unfortunate rule. Soon after the appointment of the first responsible for the protection of the Ukrainian language became known that it had previously allowed himself to blackmail a student at black sea state University of Pyotr Mogila — to cover sexual harassment by a teacher of this University. Moreover, the fact that blackmail recorded in the record of the conversation — which, of course, took place in fluent Russian.The incident occurred exactly a year ago — in December 2018, when freelance correspondent of one of the Nikolaev editions which were studied in the black sea state University of Pyotr Mogila, I decided to write about the teacher, repeatedly seen in an inappropriate attitude towards students. On hearing this, the head of the Department of journalism presented the beginning artless to blackmail the girl, promising her problems in case of publication of revelatory texts.

“Tatiana Monakhova called me and said that if the material will stand on the site in the first place will be mine”, — told the publication, “Rose,” the journalist herself.

“The diploma you want to get actually? Now if there are any dirty publication, you diploma will not get… If it comes out now some g*VNO — I will be very mad” — a direct text addressed to journalist future “sprechender” who did not know that the student made a recording of the telephone conversation. And now everyone can listen to it in “non-existent” according to Tatyana Monakhova the Internet evaluating the integrity and cleanliness of the person entrusted with the control over language policy in Ukraine.However, given the responsibilities of the Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language, such human qualities are more likely to help her in the performance of their specific duties. After reviewing the language law, it is easy to verify that the activities of the “movnogo Ombudsman” is mainly reduced to the analysis of numerous denunciations of violations of the provisions of the language law and the “sprechender” will have to respond even to anonymous from the patriots that will surely fall on her like a horn of plenty. And in each case it will be able to initiate an investigation of these complaints, involving authorities.

In practice, this will result in a huge number of resonant scandals — when many people working in the public sector and the service sector, in public service and in the media, will be punished only for what they have allowed themselves to speak in their native language. And it will hit not so much by anyone not an interesting person Tatyana Monakhova, how many on the team Zelensky, which frankly fooled their voters, promising them to reconsider the most controversial provisions of the discriminatory language law. And now, on the contrary, forcefully trying to bring it to life.

Get ready — you’re going to “sprechender”.Andrey Manchuk

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