Spring Break: five students from Florida tested positive to the COVID-19

Spring Break: cinq étudiants de Floride testés positifs à la COVID-19

The University of Tampa announced Saturday evening that five of its students were tested positive to coronavirus during their break school spring called Spring Break.

In a statement, the University said that the young people concerned had travelled together in the company of other classmates before the tests. However, it has not identified the places they have visited.

The daily Orlando Sentinel reported Sunday that one of the students was not returned to the campus, in contrast to the other four. All were placed in isolation and so far, none has been hospitalized.

“We sincerely hope that our students and all others who have been potentially affected will recover quickly and completely,” said the institution on his Twitter account.

A few days ago, social media had widely disseminated videos showing young scholars in the process of going to the beaches more florida links underpin, in particular the one located in Clearwater, despite recommendations to avoid large gatherings that might spread the Covid-19. Some of the students in attendance on the premises for the party had not hesitated to express their indifference as to directives of the authorities.

The governor of the State, Ron DeSantis, had warned the population not to form groups larger than 10 people, but restaurants and bars were still kept open during this very busy period.

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