Sprouts broccoli: the most powerful anti-cancer force according to scientists

Проростки брокколи: самая мощная противораковая сила по утверждению ученых

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli are very rich in nutrients and are an excellent source of fiber. In addition, at high levels of consumption of cruciferous vegetables reduced cancer risk. This is the scientists said the results of its new study.

Broccoli against cancer

It has long been known that broccoli contains elements such as glucosinolates, which during digestion are broken down into indole and isothiocyanate – substances with anti-cancer effect. Rodent studies showed that these compounds inhibit the development of cancer in such organs as the bladder, intestine, mammary gland, liver and lungs.+

In addition, indole and isothiocyanate have very useful healing properties, in particular, neutralize carcinogens, kill cancer cells, have anti-inflammatory effect, inhibit the growth of metastases, inhibit the growth of tumors.+

Why broccoli is so effective in fighting and preventing cancer? Studies have shown that this vegetable not only has the ability to fight cancer, but also helps in cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, asthma and inflammatory processes. How much you need to eat cabbage to achieve a useful effect? Optimal consumption of broccoli – about a pound a week, as scientists assure.+

Sprouts cabbage broccoli is even cooler

However, there is another product that has the same effect at lower volumes – it sprouts cabbage broccoli. Sprouted broccoli plants contain a substance sulforaphane is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Scientists have found that these sprouts contain more sulforaphane than the Mature vegetable; just 5 grams of germs carry the same concentration of the substance, and 150 grams of broccoli.+

In addition, broccoli sprouts have the ability to rid the body of toxins. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University have established a link between the consumption of sprouted plants of cabbage, broccoli and excretion of contaminants from the human body. The experiment involved 300 people living in one of the most polluted areas of China.+

Daily consumption of broccoli sprouts with a volume of about half a Cup helped them to get rid of the carcinogenic pollutants. This observation will help the people living in ecologically unfavorable conditions, to reduce the risk of contamination of the organism with a simple, affordable and secure means.+

However, further research brought even more ambitious results. Scientists from the same American University have found that sulforaphane, contained in the sprouted broccoli, positive effect on autism.+

So, the patients daily took a substance that had the best performance of social activity and verbal communication than those who took a placebo, basically a pacifier with imaginary medicine. Researchers believe that this discovery will help the treatment of people with autism.+

In addition, sulforaphane has the following advantages:

  • helps to eliminate toxins
  • eases the symptoms of diabetes (prevents nephropathy, vascular disease, regulates cholesterol, insulin)
  • has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties (inhibits the influenza viruses, HIV, Epstein-Barr, and hepatitis C)
  • lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • prevents and fights against heart and cardiovascular diseases
  • protects skin from effects of ultraviolet radiation
  • preserves cognitive ability of the brain and protects it from inflammatory processes

How to get germinated broccoli sprouts

1. Put cabbage seeds in the container and pour clean water+

2. Leave it on for 6 hours, then carefully drain the water. Rinse in clean water and drain it again+

3. Cover the container with glass or plastic bag so that the seeds do not dry+

4. When the seeds germinate, place them under the scattered sunbeams+

5. Five days later germinated broccoli sprouts are usually ready. Place them in the fridge+

The recommended amount is half a Cup of broccoli sprouts. For cancer prevention eat them three times a week.

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