SRF: from hospitals to Parliament — China pursues a “peaceful invasion” in Australia

Experts warn about the growth of Chinese influence in Australia, according to Swiss TV channel SRF. According to them, Beijing is carrying out a “peaceful invasion” in the country, secretly infiltrating it at all levels, from students and health systems to Parliament.

SRF: от больниц до парламента — Китай осуществляет «тихое вторжение» в Австралию

ReutersКитай performs “silent invasion” in Australia, according to Swiss TV channel SRF. Experts warn about the growing influence of China on the continent — through the hospitals, insurance companies and even Parliament.

Recently in Queensland University, it was possible to observe a striking scene: when the people took to the streets demonstrating in support of protesters in Hong Kong, they suddenly attacked the Chinese students.

The China expert Professor Clive Hamilton does not see in it anything surprising: he is confident that the attackers were acting as secret agents of China. “With time spent in kindergarten, Chinese children and students in Australia are ideological, Patriotic brainwashing,” says Hamilton.

Students who are fanatically in favour of their country, while abroad, is just one symptom of what Australian Professor calls “a silent invasion of Australia”. Introduction through the Communist party of China through its many foreign branches extends all the way to the root structures of Australian democracy.

“The political elite in Australia are affected at all levels,” says Hamilton. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it is gaining more and more weight and the real reason, says a Swiss TV channel. On the weekend in Sydney was exposed by a former Chinese spy.

Beijing enters Australian democracy using secret funds, says Hamilton. Australian intelligence agencies have confirmed that Chinese agents wanted with millions of donations to support the candidate with dual citizenship in the elections to the national Parliament.

However, China’s attention focused on less politically significant structures — such as museums or community groups. More former Australian politicians, including former trade Minister Andrew Robb, are lobbyists of China’s interests. Rich Chinese businessmen supported the Australian parties and individual parliamentarians financial investments.

As reported by SRF, Australian intelligence agencies have long worried about China’s influence in the country through direct or indirect espionage, theft of intellectual property, or hacker attacks.

Now Chinese agents have targeted more on the Australian hospitals and health insurance system, says Hamilton. They are looking for all kinds of incriminating information. “If they find out that the Minister of defence or chief of army syphilis is the information suitable for blackmail,” said the Professor.

The Chairman of the parliamentary Committee for the intelligence and security Andrew Hasty is among those who strongly cautions about the growth of Chinese influence. According to him, China is driven by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism. The economic opportunities of China has blinded the West. Whether we are talking coal, iron ore, meat or insurance, 38% of Australian exports are sent to China and bring about €120 billion a year.

However, the Hasty opinion is not shared by all, said a Swiss television channel. “I don’t think that Australia is blinded by the economic opportunities offered by China”, — said the expert of the Australian-Chinese economic relations Richard McGregor. From his point of view, the country just used these opportunities, as do many other States in the world. Besides, doing espionage and other countries, including Australia itself, the expert said.

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