SRF: Russia became the largest arms supplier to African countries

The summit of African countries in Sochi for many States is just the beginning of closer cooperation with Russia, in which they without a doubt are interested. According to the Swiss TV channel SRF, Moscow for a long time, almost was not present in Africa and can not just be her most important partner. Meanwhile, Russia is African arms supplier number one and is actively engaged in the development of nuclear energy on the continent.

SRF: Россия стала крупнейшим поставщиком оружия для африканских стран

ReutersВ Soviet times Russian had a great impact in Africa, notes the Swiss TV channel SRF. After the end of the cold war, they left the continent and provided a field of activity to the other players — China, India and the West. Now Russia is trying to return to his former influence in Africa and find her niche in the African economy, says the correspondent of the TV channel.

The summit of African States in Sochi provides them with more choices. Russia for Africans, another possible partner, along with China, Arab countries, Europe and the United States. Developing relations with Moscow, African States play an increasingly important role on the international stage and hope to improve their position for future negotiations, said a Swiss journalist.

According to the TV channel SRF, the interest of Africa in cooperation with Russia, without a doubt, is great. But first they want to see what Russia can offer them and what they can sell. In the case of Kenya, for example, minerals or tea. In this sense, the meeting in Sochi for many countries start on the road to closer ties. What exactly happens will depend on each African state individually.

At the moment Russia is already a supplier of arms for the African continent, highlights the Swiss channel. Its share in total African arms trafficking is 39%. Another important area could become a nuclear power. Yet nuclear power is only in South Africa, but Russia has already signed agreements with 15 African countries. In the next five years of the first Russian nuclear power plants may receive in Rwanda. In addition, Russia, like many other States, is interested in natural resources of Africa. Moscow also periodically sends to the continent of its military.

According to the remark of the TV channel, Russia can offer to Africa is nothing new — however, when there is a choice between the power of France or Russia or new tanks from Russia or China, this opens up a space for negotiations. African States also may abuse, emphasizes the SRF. Unfortunately, too often, major projects are distributed quietly, as in the case of Chinese Railways in Kenya. In these cases often occur overpayment. In any case, one thing is clear: African countries can only win when they participate in decision-making.

For the African population in Russia’s willingness to cooperate with the “despots” probably does not mean anything good, involves a journalist of the TV channel. Many African States are young, their political structures are still weak. There is a policy is often done from a position of strength. As pointed SRF, Russia had already demonstrated its willingness to do business with the authorities in these countries without regard for democracy or human rights.

According to the correspondent of the TV channel, Russia will not be able now to assert itself in Africa as a serious competitor and major player — it she is at the moment not enough resources. However, Russia has presented in the area of security and nuclear energy. Moscow finds its niche in those industries where the international community imposed sanctions.

Many believe that Russia was too late to the party, said the Swiss channel. Putin so far only visited the North African country and one was in South Africa. But you can come to the party late and how to celebrate together with everyone, SRF concludes.

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