SRF: the paradox of NATO — “brain death” at the peak of power

The French President has put NATO, the diagnosis of “brain death”, and the Secretary General of the Alliance said that the organization is stronger than ever — and, paradoxically, both are right, said the SRF. As explained by the correspondent, with the military might of the Alliance all right, but the real strength is not measured by the number of tanks, and the willingness of participants to assist partners. Today, this willingness for the first time in history began to be questioned, stressed the Swiss TV channel.

SRF: парадокс НАТО — «смерть мозга» на пике силы

ReutersПоставив NATO the diagnosis of “brain death”, the French presidency Emmanuel macron criticized the Alliance, as it does neither one of the Western heads of state before him. After this statement the words of the American President Donald trump that NATO is obsolete and has outlived its usefulness, seem almost noble, the correspondent of the Swiss TV channel SRF Sebastian Ramspeck.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the sweeping attack Rules as “unnecessary”. However, more specifically, not surprisingly, was the objection of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, NATO is now stronger than ever.

Paradoxically, they are both right, says journalist SRF. In military terms, the case of NATO, which is the American-European defence Alliance, better than ever. Of course, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, it initially lost its main enemy and thus lost the meaning of their existence, recognizes Ramspeck. The US withdrew troops from Europe, by 2013, the mainland left the last American tanks.

However, in recent years again the tension in the relations with post-Soviet Russia and the threat from terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida* and “Islamic state”**, led to a new arms build-up.

American tanks returned to Europe and European States in NATO under the pressure of the tramp again began to spend more on their armed forces, like the author of the material. In his comment, it appears that “NATO is in good condition and at the same time looks paralyzed.”

Sebastian Ramspeck explains that the true strength of the Alliance is measured not by tanks, but by the willingness to use these tanks, or, in other words, “faith, friends and enemies at the will of the Alliance partners for assistance.” In the case of a military attack on one NATO member States, the Treaty requires the other participants to assist.

However, for the first time in NATO’s history, there were doubts that the duty to assist in the critical case would indeed be taken into account, emphasizes a Swiss journalist. Get involved is the US in the war to defend Poland or Latvia from Russian aggression? Will Germany and Luxembourg to the aid of Turkey to protect it from retaliatory attack Syria?

Macron replied: “I don’t know.” The US no longer want to play the role of world policeman, ideological differences within the NATO became more serious than ever. Therefore, the Makron requires Europe — ie the EU — in the future he cared about his defense.

However, his position there is no chance of success in the foreseeable future, says Ramspeck. First and foremost, the countries of Eastern Europe, but also Germany, will certainly want to preserve NATO as the military-political structure, and the US — as a partner in the Alliance.

The combat capability of the United States is unattainable for Europe, said the SRF. The armed forces of EU countries it will still be lacking common structures, weapons and experience in warfare in order to at least approach the level of the combat capability of the United States. It is impossible to imagine that France will give its nuclear weapons under the control of the headquarters of the EU in Brussels, says the correspondent of the TV channel.

Thus, NATO may, and is in a state of brain death, however, an alternative model of Macron will remain unsustainable, the journalist concludes SRF.

* “Al-Qaeda” — an organization recognized as terrorist by the decision of the RF Supreme court dated 14.02.2003.

** “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.

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