SRF: the U.S. brought WTO into the deepest crisis in the history of the organization

The US has blocked the appointment of new judges to the court of appeal the world trade organization, according to SRF. It brought the WTO into the deepest crisis in its 25-year history. Many say that the preservation of the institution makes no sense, because he is paralyzed and can not influence the situation in world trade, in particular on the conflict between the USA and China, said Swiss TV channel.

SRF: США обрушили ВТО в глубочайший кризис за всю историю организации

When the US and China lead to trade war, or reach partial agreements, this conflict, which was supposed to settle the court of appeal of the WTO. But this court and the organization itself is paralyzed because for years the United States blocked the appointment of new judges. One judge there, but had three of them. Deputy Director General of the WTO, Karl Brauner sees a glimmer of hope in the world economic forum, which will take place in January.

KARL BRAUNER Deputy Director-General of the WTO: On the geopolitical level, there is confrontation, which we have not seen the last 25 years. The WTO is one of the platforms where the players are the geopolitical struggle and play out their drama. One of those dramas — a trade conflict between the US and China. Yesterday managed to reach a partial agreement. But the US President trump is unlikely to cease to rely on bilateral relations instead of multinational institutions. At the same time, more and more people saying that the WTO makes no sense. KARL BRAUNER: Without the WTO’s going to be bad. Then there will be chaos. And everyone will fight for special conditions and privileges. Now there are clear conditions, which today hold 90% of the members of the organization. If world trade is one of the partners violate these terms, the next step will be for the court of appeal. The question is: “How to give him a boost?” The beginning can be launched at the world economic forum in Davos. CARL BROWNER: At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland will hold a Ministerial meeting. And I hope it will create a pulse. The WTO is in the deepest crisis in its 25-year history. But I guess there is still hope.

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