SRF: US laid new duties on Chinese goods — at the time

SRF: США отложили новые пошлины на китайские товары — на время

The US and China could reach a partial agreement in a trade war, according to SRF. The Americans have delayed new duties on Chinese products, taking with Beijing’s commitments to purchase their goods in greater volume. However, in relations between the two countries remained many unresolved problems, particularly the issue of patent protection and gesubsidieerde in China.

British Prime Minister need to start to win the election, to afford at least the idea of a trade agreement. Meanwhile, the American President announced in his Twitter that in trade dispute with China failed to reach a partial agreement. So scheduled for the day after the imposition of duties against China have not yet be. Daniel Dester with the details.

Smartphones and laptops from China are just two examples of products which the day after trump was going to introduce new duties. But this did not happen. The countries failed to reach a partial agreement. So the planned new duties will be. President trump confirmed the agreement on Twitter and wrote that China assumed the obligation to purchase American goods at a higher level, including agricultural products.

According to the statements of the Chinese side, the US in turn agreed to reduce the existing duty, but to abolish them will not. But now China is perhaps more important that the threat of the introduction of the Sunday new duties on consumer goods such as smartphones and laptops become a reality.

JENS COURT reporter
SRF: Deal better than its absence. Still, the reaction on wall street is quite restrained, after all, in the end, some details concerning the first part of the agreement, are still unknown. There are also other serious problems, such as patent protection and government subsidies to Chinese enterprises. These issues will be discussed in the coming year. In China, concerned that the American President Donald trump may at any time impose new fees.

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