Sri Lanka plans to restore the flow of tourists after a series of explosions

The Sri Lankan authorities intend to implement a number of programs aimed at restoring tourist attraction, reports the Bureau for the development of tourism in this country.

According to the plan, the international community will be informed of the status of the island, namely the fact that major areas have not suffered from terrorist acts. The message will indicate that the country is open to travelers and their safety will be ensured at a high level.

In addition, during the year in Sri Lanka organize large events – festivals, conferences. Also, the country will hold infuture for journalists and travel bloggers, so they can impartially assess the situation on the island and tell people about it.

Currently, Bandaranaike international airport, taking steps to eliminate the inconveniences that have been taken to increase security. In the arrivals area began operating Parking for coaches who have been issued a special permit. Also resumed my work Parking lot.

We will remind, on April 21, Sri Lanka occurred eight explosions. Killed more than 250 people. Three more explosions occurred on April 26, died on 17 people.