SSS: since the beginning of the year, inflation in Ukraine grew by 4.4 percent

Since the beginning of this year, consumer inflation in Ukraine increased by 4.4 percent. These data are presented in the report of the State statistics service. It is noted that in June of 2018, the majority of food products decreased in price, the average drop in value was 0.5%.

Госстат: с начала года инфляция в Украине выросла на 4,4 процента‍

Faster cheaper eggs – almost 10 percent. 2.1–0.2 percent decrease in prices for fruits, milk and dairy products, fat, vegetables, sugar, rice, pork, beef. At the same time, 0.7–0.4 percent more expensive bread, pasta, grain products, soft drinks. Again in Ukraine increased the price of alcoholic beverages and tobacco – an average of 1.6 percent.

Additionally, last month Ukraine became more expensive many services. It is noted that 10.4 per cent increase in the price of passenger rail. Also increased the fee for rental housing and increased tariffs on maintenance of houses and adjoining areas. Recall that in 2017, consumer price inflation in Ukraine has reached 13.7 per cent, but this year it should not exceed 9 percent.

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