Stabilization in the number of cases of coronavirus reported in China, according to the WHO

Stabilisation du nombre de cas de coronavirus rapportés en Chine, selon l’OMS

GENEVA | The number of cases of people infected by the new coronavirus in China reported every day, ” stabilizes “, said Saturday the world Health Organization (WHO), while remaining cautious about the future.

This is a “good news,” said the specialised agency of the UN, indicating that it was still too early to predict a decline or not of the epidemic.

“There has been a stabilization in the number of reported cases of Hubei “, in the chinese province most affected and where the disease has appeared, said the person in charge of health programmes WHO emergency Michael Ryan, during a press briefing in Geneva.

This province is subjected to drastic measures of isolation by the chinese authorities to try to contain the spread of the epidemic.

“We’re experiencing a period of stability of four days, where the number of reported cases has not progressed. This is good news and this could reflect the impact of the control measures that have been implemented, ” he added.

Mr. Ryan, however, felt that it was still too early “to make any prediction whatsoever” on the evolution of the epidemic.

The director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has added that the trend “was not up to the acceleration of the spread of the virus, but he has also called for” prudence “.

A total of 34.546 people have been infected in mainland China, of which 722 are dead.

Two other deaths have been recorded outside mainland China -one in Hong Kong and the Philippines-and more than 320 cases of contamination have been confirmed in some thirty countries and territories.

The director-general of the WHO has also warned against the misinformation about this disease, which makes the work of the teams to fight the epidemic even more difficult.

“We are not fighting only against the disease, but also against the trolls and the conspiracy theorists who spread disinformation and undermine efforts to fight” against the virus, he stressed.

He also indicated that the names of the members of a mission led by WHO had been submitted to the chinese authorities, and that its leader was travelling to China Monday or Tuesday. “The rest of the experts will follow “, he said.

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