Staff still decide everything. But not in Ukraine

Кадры всё-таки решают всё. Но не в Украине

© Zelensky, of course, knows and honors the phrase best friend of Soviet athletes Stalin. But I think he forgot to explain that I do not mean cinematic shots… In any case, the personnel policy of the President raises questions.It is clear that the man who came into politics literally from the streets, ready to “the bench” could not be. And the request of the society was that the “bench” must be perfectly clean. As a result, the President’s team were recruited through advertisements. And this is no exaggeration — was created a special website where you could offer your services as a volunteer, member of the election Committee or the candidate in people’s deputies from “public Servants” (but only in majoritarian districts). Candidates for the posts of heads of regional administrations were selected HR agencies. The results were very peculiar.

Just look at the government. Whatever the character, the miracle in feathers. Not only that, none of them worked in industries which should be (not always disadvantage), but they often really are in some alternate reality.

Prime Minister Vadim Goncharuk first becomes involved in a scandal with participation in neo-Nazi bunch, and then suddenly it became clear that he declared no degree “PhD” (“doctor of philosophy”), he it turns out, was “non-standard”. However, wishing to ask, “how did he work for pest control”, you can make a pretty long list of self-styled “professors”, from the novel of Zvarych.

Considering himself “Minister of economy” Tymofiy mylovanov said that not reading books, because there is nothing intelligent to learn from them is impossible (in social networks accelerates screen discussion, in which Milovanov to the question “how did you become a Minister, being an idiot” offers not envy — fake, of course fake but quite realistic).
However, the appearance of such characters in the government is not accidental. Try to divide “command Zelensky” on the faction.

First, these are the people with whom Zelensky worked and whom he personally trusts. This, for example, Ivan Bakanov, Sergey Shefer, Andrew Bogdan, Sergey Trofimov, Yury Kostyuk, Andriy Yermak.

In fact, of them all, the greatest influence on the situation has Bogdan — and occupied the post, and the experience. It is likely that demands for his resignation are connected with this, not with ties to Kolomoisky (on this basis it is possible to demand the resignation of the Zelensky).

In principle, all of these people are quite professional, but they are too few and their influence is not too large. For example, the arrival Bakanova initially caused a stir in the SBU. He now continues, but mostly average. The generals are traditionally found ways to block reform initiatives of the new Chairman.

But even in this group there was random people. For example, a member of the Supervisory Board of “PrivatBank” Julia Metzger — just a friend of the actress “95 Quarter” Elena Kravets, and the wife of Deputy Alexander Zavitnevich — classmate Zelensky.

Secondly, it is the representatives of the various oligarchic cliental whose support is critically important for Zelensky. This, for example, David Arakhamiya, representing the interests of Arsen Avakov.

These people not that can’t be trusted — they’re just stupid substitute of the President. For example, the Deputy Daniel Getmantsev, prepared a bill to raise the rental rates on mineral extraction, which caused loud scandal, and certainly caused tension in relations of the President with the richest man of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov. To resolve a relationship with them is almost unreal — they’re not themselves belong. And to agree with those who are behind them, very difficult.
Thirdly, are people advised to put Victor Pinchuk, which Pinchuk advised to put people Soros. In fact, almost the entire composition of the Cabinet.

Consider them representatives of the oligarchic clientele impossible (the oligarchs still prefer people with intelligence above the level of the stool). They are representatives of the grant community.

Zelensky is not against such personnel in government, although it seems they have already started to strain the blatant unsuitability to life (conflict with the Prime Minister because of “sokira Peruna” might be). However, he is interested in the government which could competently carry out liberal reforms, were not the forces of Poroshenko because of the lack of that stable majority and corruption (in the sense of Poroshenko has economic interests in that country).Zelensky, of course, possible to criticize, but to be fair, the alternative to liberal reforms in the modern world. Reform of the IMF recipes more or less consistently pursued by almost all countries. Despite the fact that the result of using Mvfovskie recipes are always the same — crisis. Another thing that people always adapt and the economy recovers.

Making a General conclusion, it should be recognized that no team Zelensky no. There is a small circle of people whom he can trust, and there are broader, whom he trust can not, but you have to work with them. Inside this environment quite loose, although, for example, the government gives the impression of quite uniform, but hardly a solid team (if we ignore the Ministers of interior and foreign Affairs).

Everything else in the “team Zelensky” there are some private division of roles. When the President speaks at a press conference that he wouldn’t someone to influence, it can mean or what it is in principle limited in scope (for example, given the obligation not to interfere in the activities of a bureaucrat representing the interests of someone else), or trying to distance themselves from potentially dangerous decisions of public officials (as was trying to do sometimes , Leonid Kuchma,that sometimes looked rather funny in the context of the Constitution, 1996).

Of course, Zelensky is not the first Ukrainian politician, who was faced with a shortage of staff at the presidency. The limitations of the “bench” was even blamed Kuchma, and a disastrous situation became Poroshenko. The latter, unlike Zelensky, in politics a long time, but due to the pathological avarice, the team itself is not created. After coming to power, he was indeed surrounded by one of Oleg Svinarchuk (Gladkovsky), which was not clear where to attach and, most importantly, why (last issue was crucial, but Poroshenko realized it only at the end of the term). However, when it is not so acute was the question of renewing the political elite (in the sense it standing there, but did not appear to be an end in itself — the voters believed that it was sufficient to carry out lustration and fight against corruption, as the issue will be resolved).
Poroshenko, however, a real grandmaster of the political game — a born manipulator. He found a way to Fund his team at state expense and be forced to work other people’s footage. For example, the backbone of the formal presidential party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” created groups associated with Poroshenko highly conditional (e.g. — BLOW Vitali Klitschko), but they all worked in his favor.

Zelensky do not know how. He has a completely different style of leadership. And here, too, the difficulty — knowing his people claim that Zelensky prefers hard to push their line. In political activities Zelensky is invisible — he constantly makes concessions. The impression is that in his core area, he knows how to do, and in politics do not know and therefore are constantly not sure of the correctness of decisions.

Overt weakness of the personnel policy Zelensky and danger of their chosen political course suggest that is too long it can not continue.

Already, the country rumors spread regarding the fact that early parliamentary elections will have to carry out simultaneously with the local elections. According to the Constitution, local elections should be held on the last Sunday of October 2020, which, as in 2014, it falls on the 25th.

According to available information, now the preparatory work — selected candidates, the involvement of spin doctors, etc. there were rumors that the oligarchs are preparing a new party projects. Their parties are alleged to create Oleksandr Onishchenko, Alexander Klimenko, and Kolomoisky is going to move to elections as many as three of party of the project (“Trust business” Gennady Trukhanov and Gennady Kernes, as well as projects of Alexander Dubinsky and Andrew Biletsky).

The meaning of this election is simple: clientele oligarchic and regional elites will submit to the citizens the fruits of the activities of the government “doctor” Goncharuk (by the autumn of next year, they will be visible to the naked eye) and will offer to vote for proven frames. Because staff still decide everything.Vasily Stoyakin

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