Stalking of Martin Carpentier: residents concerned and on their guard

Traque de Martin Carpentier: des résidents préoccupés et sur leurs gardes

SAINT-AGAPIT | residents of Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit are not reassured at the idea that Martin Carpentier could be still alive and remain on the alert.

“Let’s say that it’s scary. Research begins to be long not bad. My boyfriend ends late in the evening and I am often alone, and then even when he is there the night, I’m afraid, too,” says Josée Tremblay, who lives close to the lake of the Sacred Heart.

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Josée Tremblay, a resident of St. Apollinaire, in the scope of the research, admits that the situation makes him “afraid”.

The young woman works in a camping of the rang Saint-Lazare, where she has not noticed anything abnormal lately. At home, she takes several precautions: “I’m not going outside when it is dark and I will bar all my doors.”

“There is so much wood… He [Martin Carpentier] can move, it can move very quickly”, is concerned about it.

“We are on our guard all the time,” sums up his side Lysis Sévigny Olivier, a resident of Saint-Agapit, which ensures not, however, be particularly concerned.

Martin Carpentier

On the lookout for any suspicious activity

All day, Thursday, citizens remained on the lookout for any suspicious activity and do not hesitate to contact the police at the slightest doubt.

The police have moved to many locations to conduct audits. One report was that the suspect had been picked up by a surveillance camera of the Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Agapit.

Employees have contacted the police because it would be seen on the video tapes a man lying near an atm in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

After verification, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has, however, indicated that it was a report not based.

The patrol also moved on the rank of Bois-Joly, where a citizen claimed to have heard sounds of metal, and on the Road to the Cape, where a woman believed to have seen a sewer lift, according to our information.

Trouble sleeping

On Wednesday evening, the officers thoroughly inspected a bike path that runs along route 116, Saint-Agapit.

A few miles away, another resident, Catherine Trudel, is certain to have seen a man running around in a field in front of his house, Wednesday, 15 h. She reported it to police.

Catherine Trudel, a resident of Saint-Agapit, contacted the police after seeing a man running in the field in front of his house, Wednesday, 15 h.

“We had trouble falling asleep,” says the mother of a family, which ensures that the individual could match the description of Carpentier, for his height in particular, even if it was several hundred meters away from him.

“It’s been two years that I am still here and there was never a person who walked around on foot in this field”, asks she.

The SQ is conducting numerous audits of the kind since the beginning of the case Carpentier. They are often not based. However, it is found that each information is treated with seriousness.

—With the collaboration of Jeremy Bernier

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