Stanley cup 1993: Jean-Jacques Daigneault will be a spectator attentive

Coupe Stanley 1993: Jean-Jacques Daigneault sera un spectateur attentif

The former defender of the Montreal canadiens Jean-Jacques Daigneault does not sulk his pleasure.

This week, the 54 year old man settled in front of his tv, and will look to skate in the final of the Stanley cup in 1993. Actually, the network TVA Sports will broadcast the five parties that had opposed the Saint-Flannel to the Los Angeles Kings.

“It was so much beautiful moments for Canada and for the players who participated in the conquest, said Daigneault during a phone interview. For me, to immerse myself in it, is the candy.”

Jacques Demers and Jacques Laperriere behind the bench of the players, Oleg Petrov, Jean-Jacques Daigneault and Eric Desjardins in march 1994.

One that has evolved in the national hockey League from 1984 to 2000 will also benefit from this chance to live a family time.

“I’ve got my girls of 12 and 22 years in quarantine with me currently, said Daigneault, who saw the pandemic in his home in Saint-Adolphe-d’howard, in the Laurentians. I have never really seen him play hockey. This is a great opportunity for my children to see their father on the ice.”

“I say this with humility, but when I look at myself play at this time, I say to myself : “coaxing that I was good,” he continued with a smile in the voice. I say this with real humility, and I think the same of my team mates.”

Honed to a quarter turn

Daigneault and hockey enthusiasts will have the chance to see the last conquest of a canadian education, the teams of the maple leaf flag being white cabbage for 26 years. It will also be the opportunity to see a team accustomed to a quarter turn, according to the former defender.

“People need to look at how we played as a team and how we had a great system of play”, he said.

“We were creative offensively and organized defensively. There was resilience and determination on our part. […] We also had so much fun playing together. We all had confidence in each of our teammates.”

Address Gretzky

In the final, the Canadian was not only to defeat the Kings, but also a certain Wayne Gretzky. Daigneault recalls, moreover, that the two formations had styles the opposite.

“Our club has operated more by committee than the Kings. If you look at the individual statistical series, Wayne Gretzky had two times more points than our best pointer.”

The hc had found the way to limit “The Great One” to seven points in five games, he who had amassed 33 during the 19 of the previous parts.

“We had a good game plan to counter Gretzky, remembered Daigneault. We had anticipated that many of the washers were going to get behind our net. So, instead of having a defender who was playing 10 feet in front of the goal, we played directly next to the poles of Patrick Roy to intercept pucks. The Kings had less time of possession. He had to play so tight.”

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