“Star Académie”: the teachers are ready for the adventure

Patrice Michaud in charge of the Sunday variety galas, Lara Fabian as director of the Academy, and Gregory Charles and Ariane Moffatt respectively voice and music and musical creation teachers: the faculty of “Star Académie” is now trained , and promises a most stimulating return to school on February 14, at TVA.

With such pedagogues, the young talents of “Star Académie” will really roll in Formula 1 towards a sparkling start to their career in song, as Gregory Charles, the only professor to return to the fold after having lived the experience in 2012, pictured it.

Even Pepe Munoz, the dancer, choreographer and faithful accomplice of Céline Dion, was recruited to provide one of the new classes of artistic identity (related to interpretation, artistic direction, media, look, image public or opinion), a subject that will also be taught by actress Anne Dorval, conductor of the Orchester Métropolitain de Montréal and musical director of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Yannick Nézet-Séguin and two other unknown people. The famous Pepe, who has been the subject of many romance rumors with Celine, is of Spanish origin but speaks French very well, assured Jean-Philippe Dion, executive producer of “Star Académie”.

These announcements made Tuesday morning, live on the show's Facebook page, are in addition to the prestigious one of Mika's appointment. As artistic director, the international star will offer one-off workshops during the season and perform breathtaking acts with the students of the Academy.

“We wanted to have a real core for our faculty, people who would get along well and be complementary, and who have things to teach,” explained Jean-Philippe Dion. These are our first choices that are there. ”

Documentary approach

This new version of “Star Académie” will be an “update” of the five previous editions (2003 to 2005, 2009 and 2012), but the concept and its main codes will not be distorted, we assured Tuesday.

Almost nine years having passed since the last meeting – which crowned Jean-Marc Couture, and made known Andréanne A. Malette, Mélissa Bédard and Olivier Dion, among others – the company has evolved, the music industry and social networks too, and cultural and social transformations will be reflected in the result on screen.

In this sense, we promise an approach that is a little more “observational documentary”, and less “voyeur”. This is what convinced an Ariane Moffat who, at the beginning of “Star Académie”, was off-putting to this kind of competition and refused to participate in it, to join the adventure. Yes, the Academicians will live under the eye of the camera, but we will perhaps talk more about musical chords than stardom.

“We opted for a very human approach, closer to docu-reality,” noted Denis Dubois, vice-president of Quebecor Content. We didn't want to be invasive. We will be there with them, but we want to understand what the Academicians are going through as we go. ”

“I had the impression that I was offered the animation of a music show on TV, whereas before, I had the impression that it was a TV show, with music », Observed Patrice Michaud.

“20 years ago, I didn't go to 'Star Académie'. I agreed medium. But our environment has changed so much. We are less inclined to put styles of music in boxes. Something has democratized, and I'm completely in tune with that. I don't feel like I'm betraying my values. It follows the evolution of the industry. We put the human and the creative process at the center, and a less hierarchical side of the great pop star who arrives at the top, and the competitive aspect of the show. It's more consistent, ”added Ariane Moffatt.

For the rest, we will find our “Star Académie” as we like it, with its four daily per week (Monday to Thursday), its 12 Sunday galas (“an extraordinary showcase to help revive our culture” and “The ideal place to see the beautiful and the good in our television”, insisted Denis Dubois,), and his various courses, to which will of course be added slices of life of the candidates.

Like any good principal, Lara Fabian will return to school with her protégés after the Sunday shows to take stock of the evening with them in pajamas and slippers, and could mingle with daily lessons on occasion.

Soon the auditions

Don't be surprised if you soon see the iconic “Star Académie” bus on a road near you. The huge vehicle will begin on Friday to travel across Quebec and New Brunswick for the auditions, to which 3,000 people have already responded and where you can still register at staracademie.ca. You have to book your time slot in advance, health rules oblige.

The changes that will mark the 2021 edition

• 15 academicians instead of 14

• The daily, from Monday to Thursday (broadcast at an as yet undetermined time) will not have a host.

• Mixed endangerment, and no longer girls against girls and boys against boys. The Academy staff will choose each week the Academicians who will have to present for evaluation, based on the Sunday performances.

• The Academy will have a new room: the musical lab, where candidates will compose, record and mix their own songs.

• Participants will have access to social networks, which will be integrated into their learning. “But if we feel that it is too negative for them, we will definitely cut that,” said Jean-Philippe Dion, however, mentioning that the Academicians will be trained and supervised by a psychologist in this regard.

• The theme song will be an original composition entirely from Quebec, and no longer an existing piece brought up to date.

• About a hundred candidates, among the best at the auditions, will be selected to participate in an intensive training course, to which the teachers will contribute to give tips and advice. From this camp, 22 aspiring academics will be selected to take part in the first variety gala, and 15 will then be selected to continue the adventure. Two special programs recorded during the course will be broadcast on TVA in mid-January.

• The musical director of the galas will be Alex McMahon

• Details surrounding the Academy and its location will be known at a later date.

They said…

Patrice Michaud, host: “I don't want to play host. It had been a long time since I received requests and invitations to host on television or radio. And I got to the point where I don't want to say no anymore. ”

Lara Fabian, director of the Academy: “I will definitely have a mother's ear, or a big sister's ear, at times. I am going to focus a lot on the human aspect of the artist, because it is the engine of his functioning. ”

Ariane Moffatt, professor of musical creation: “My primary objective is to feel that it is a place where you can be yourself, where you are not in the competition. Developing tools to be autonomous, confident, know who you are, open up creation and wear different hats, that's the key to having fun … Music production, being in the studio, music, arrangements, lyrics, it interacts. I have a lot to say! ”

Gregory Charles, voice and music teacher: “'Star Académie' is a Formula 1 season. We will have 15 cars, which will do one Formula 1 race per week. There are times when it works great, and others less, without being totally in control. I loved my last edition, and I clearly remember the torments, the questionings and the challenges of each of the academicians. I have followed them until today. ”

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