“Star Academy 2021”: in search of the academy!

«Star Académie 2021»: à la recherche de l’académie!

Where will the participants of the “cuvée” 2021 “Star Academy”? Assuming that the dark episode of the pandemic will be behind us next winter, the Productions of the Sea are now in motion the search for the perfect nesting site which will welcome the new cohort of academics.

“On “Star Ac”, it still works with scenario A. We live in hope. But I can’t believe that people will still be locked up in January. If it is still confined, it is that something, somewhere, has not been well”, argues Jean-Philippe Dion, executive producer of the sixth grind quebec “Star Academy” which will be released in January 2021 to VAT.

The former home of Pierre Péladeau, Sainte-Adèle (who had hosted the reality show in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2009) having been demolished, and the manor of Frelighsburg, at the theatre of the 2012 edition, have been sold since, it is necessary to find the new home of dream, where the young singers and singers live under the eye of cameras, will follow their course and repeated their numbers.

It also seeks a place a little closer to Montreal than Frelighsburg, says Jean-Philippe Dion, easy access to both the technical team for teachers and guest artists. And “on the buses “Star Academy” can go”, laughs the producer.

“Not a mansion”

The criteria for the home you want are many (see box), but the team of “Star Academy” is ” not to put on a show with a castle slap-to-the eye.

“We don’t want a mansion. Me, I want it to be anything but glitz. We are no longer in a mode where we want the marble, and columns”, explains Jean-Philippe Dion, dreaming aloud of a cocoon filled with light and featuring a basement or a garage capable of containing the equipment and personnel assigned to the construction and mounting of the emissions.

“It is very clear, what you are looking for. We want to find a place is very stimulating for the academics. We don’t want to just find a house for find a house ; it is necessary that there is a soul in that house. It is incredibly beautiful and inspiring when one looks through the windows, or that it is very warm inside, or that it is a work of architecture, hyper-modern, or that an artist has lived and left traces… We would like that there has been a history in this house.”


The countdown leading us to the official return of the popular program is thus well underway. From the outset, this first step of the research of the academy raises excitement and questions. That will “Star Academy”? Who will teach? Who will participate? Jean-Philippe Dion remains quiet for the moment, but promises that the ads will come.

“We spoke with some people for some key roles, but there is nothing attached yet. The first phase was one of reflection. It is, for example, is asked where was supposed to be “Star Academy” in 2021, and how the artists and the music industry have changed? Now, it is more in the concrete. It has a visual identity ready, and we will be ready to put the new one on “Star Ac” in the coming weeks or next few months”, concludes Jean-Philippe Dion.

If you believe you have the academy perfect, you can contact the team of Productions of the Sea to the SA2021@productionsdeferlantes.com by sending photos of the residence and contact details of the owner. The organization wishes to clarify that the visits will be in compliance with the government policies in force.

The criteria of the academy

• Located less than an hour and a half from the city centre of Montreal

• Available for rent between January and may of 2021

• Very spacious, consisting of several large rooms and areas to an open area, with a large that can serve as a dance hall

• Beautiful fenestration

• Large plot with one or more annexes or garages

• Ideally isolated from the neighbourhood

• Can be a house, an old convent, a church transformed, a loft, a secondary residence of someone who is traveling in the winter…

• Easy access to a bus and several vehicles

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