Star of the TV series “Xena – Princess warrior” suddenly aged

Звезда сериала «Ксена – принцесса воинов» внезапно постарела

This year, Australian actress Lucy Lawles celebrated its 50th anniversary. However, in its anniversary, the actress looked svelte and youthful. And you made just a few months later, fans were horrified.

The generation of the 90s remembers how all the children hurried to the screens when they showed the TV series “Xena – Princess warrior”. And no wonder, because the black-haired Lucy in the role of Xena was a pleasure to see. At that time, 27-year-old actress won the hearts of boys and girls. The boys were making a suit of armor “like Xena” and its notorious Shakra – the same ring that Princess warriors have defeated all the enemies – and the girls grew their hair and dyed it black, and copied the battle cry of Xena and was really happy when they turned a triple somersault.

Now the beauty is not gone. To start with, Lucy is no longer a brunette. She repainted in a light brown color, which not only gave her the appearance of freshness, and even the aged. Users saw wrinkles not only on the face of the actress, but on his knees and hands. The intervening years gave the neck area delete. That suit, according to fans, the role of the performer Xena chose poorly, because had aged so suddenly. Ripped jeans and a t-shirt khaki not in harmony with its image of a warrior and aristocrat. “Dressed like a tramp. And not ashamed like this to go outside?”. However, other users defended idol. They recalled the “critics” that the star of the TV series “Xena – Princess warrior” all free time devotes to work in Greenpeace. She travels around the world to save endangered species. Therefore, the current unpresentable appearance, Lucy can be caused by fatigue from heavy loads.


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