Starbursts in April 2018. Don’t forget to make a wish on a falling star

Starbursts is a very beautiful sight, but not always and not everyone has the opportunity to witness this miracle bestowed upon us by the Universe.

Зорепади в квітні 2018 року. Не забудьте загадати бажання на падаючу зірку

In April 2018 will be the stars of the so-called Lidi, reports Rus.Media.

This is the only meteor stream, which can be observed in April. Don’t forget to make a wish on a falling star. It is very important for those who believe in a spiritual sense everything that is happening.

Feature stargazing

Starts “collision” of the stream and Land around the 16th day. Unfortunately, only within 10 days, it will be effective. April 25 was all over. It is best to watch the falling stars in the West in the evening.

The density of stars is low — about one meteor per minute. Compared to the largest Zapadni is very small, but the beauty of Lidi not inferior to other threads. The reason is simple — the composition of the particles themselves. They belong to the comet, which reflects well on visibility. It’s not stones and clumps of ice and dust. The height will be acceptable — about 100 kilometers, and the speed is great — up to 50 kilometers per second. If under such conditions the flux density was higher this would be the expected flow for the year. Flash will be bright, but rare.

The fact that now the comet is very distant from us, almost at the maximum distance. About 200 years ago, this thread could reach up to 700 meteors per hour. You can imagine how it was beautiful.

It is also one of the oldest threads that has been observed for more than two and a half thousand years. Due to the high brightness you won’t need a telescope. Will be just enough of a clear sky and a little patience. See the tail of the meteors will fail because they burn very quickly, as if to explode. It’s like a zipper, which sometimes even confuse this thread.

The astrological meaning of the stars Lidi

Lyra is a constellation in the night sky. It is in this direction and the appearance of meteors in the sky. This constellation has a special charm, so is the patron Saint of creative people.

In 2018 peak creative mood will be at this time. It is very in time because of a retrograde planet should be avoided. Retrograde Jupiter, retrograde Saturn on April 18, and retro Pluto with 22 numbers — they will all in some way to provoke the appearance of unconventional thinking.

In the period from 16 to 25 April, the need to go beyond your comfort zone, because Lidi is the flow, which awakens in man the desire to move, avoid obstacles in unusual ways. Don’t be afraid to look forward at the end of April. The second half of the month will be very favorable for people who are not used to look at the world directly.

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