Starfall Lerida from 16 to 25 April: who here is lucky and how to make a wish to come true

Звездопад Лириды с 16 по 25 апреля: вот кому повезёт и как правильно загадать желание, чтобы оно сбылось

April can boast such a beautiful astronomical event like Starfall Lerida. Astrologers claim that this is a special period. You can not only admire the beautiful sight, but also make a wish. All conceived has an extremely strong energy and therefore implemented quickly enough

Admire the beauty of the falling stars from 16 to 25 April. Starfall is not very large, but to enjoy the spectacle of the lucky inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere. Falling meteorites there can be seen with the naked eye.

The meteor shower will peak on April 22. On this day a meteor stream will be extremely powerful. So don’t forget to look at this time in the sky once it gets dark-you will be a stunner.

Starfall Lerida will have an impact on all people. Many in the period from 16 to April 25, will feel a burst of energy and new creative ideas. So this is a great and fertile period for self-development, new projects and the development of their ambitions. Especially it is necessary to be active and creative people.

However, in spite of fertile period should not be spread about their plans. Share only with your closest friends. Because enemies are not asleep, and can you screw it up.

Changes and surprises during this period expect all people. Everyone will have a chance to start important. Bioenergy and spirituality are strongly advised to be attentive to the signs of destiny, otherwise you may miss your chance at luck.

Throw away all your doubts. You will be able to achieve success. Use creative approach in their work.

Also don’t forget to make a secret desire. Make certainly worth a shooting star, but if due to weather conditions, you have not seen the stars, don’t be sad. Just speak in a voice desired.

Also work great in this period. and various rituals to attract good luck and success.

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